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Sins demo

This one’s all about the judgement you meet. Your hardest critics never seem to want to take the risks as hard as you do, do they? Well, this song is all about being aware of that, and take pride in the risks you take. And telling the worst critics “I’ll listen when you put yourself out there as much as I do, til then, you simply CAN NOT be my worst critic”. 2 minutes long. So impatient music listeners should be able to sit the whole way through as well…


I have battled wild horses they ran of on me, I have dealed with strange forces beneath the willow tree// If you don’t have the heart to love, then you can never win, If you don’t find the words to say you can not judge my sins// I have stumbled so many times I think that I’ve lost count, It’s not hard to judge you when you never come around// If you don’t have…// I am in your dreams, occasionally, ripping at the seams, as long as you’re free// If you don’t have the heart to…

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Swedish lovechild of Kate Bush, Tori Amos and PJ Harvey. 2 albums and 2 EP:s, all available at Spotify, Itunes, and physically. A blog about music, being a female musician in a male dominated business and the occasional feminist/veggie rant. Check out my homepage: for news, bits and bobs and bio, and buy-o of my music. Never lose that creative spark!

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