It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas

I have to control myself and not start decorating until 1st of Advent. Mostly because I like to take the christmas decorations down late, they spread a lot of light when it’s still dark so late january/early february. Some have theirs down by new years. Not me. I need to light up the Bohm Bachelorette pad, I’m a light junkee.

But also, so I don’t get tired and queezy. You see, when it comes to all forms of decorations (easter, halloween, christmas) I am a firm believer of “There is no over the top”. So I can’t start too early if I don’t wanna get tired of them. Especially christmas (again, with the dark and the decorations lighting up the place). I like to describe my way of decorating as Santa stopping by, drunk on too much egg nog and vomiting christmas all over my home. Tacky would probably be a compliment to me. “Yaaay, that’s what I was going for!!” It may not be christmasville like some American homes but it should be close enough…

But I think one of my boxes got lost along the way. Because honestly, it almost looks tasteful when I decorate now. Thoroughly disappointed in myself and my slacking off. I only have two toys that sing christmas songs. (A santa that lights up in neon colours and sings “deck the halls” together with his dancing mice, and a little muppet like thing with a santa hat also lighting up in neon of course singing “jingle bells” and running around when you get him going)

Must aquire more stuff at the christmas market. This form of taste and normal just won’t fly.



Decorations and cure for the darkness blues; the right way to eat satsumas to cheer people up… πŸ˜‰

Random acts of kindness

I’m not my usual nag-a-bloggin’ self as I’ve battled with flu and double sided ear infection, rendering me half-deaf for a while (hence not so much music).

And I know, the title is very “Oprah” and even the concept is, I remember her talking a lot about this but in this instance I do agree. She talks about random acts of kindness everyday, and how she always gave away a lot of things on her show when she had chosen audience members she knew struggled a bit. She said: “I’m not changing their life. But a little thing like this can make them happy and give them hope for the moment, and help them build more hope all by themselves.”

I walked past the beggar woman in front of Willy’s for the umpteenth time. And she always flashes me a smile and calls me “principessa” and almost ALWAYS puts me in a great mood. I’ve grown quite fond of her. Not “hope she keeps begging” fond (which some Swedes for some reason think your kindness means), just “she’s a great person who puts me in a good mood”

And today I really felt the sting. She’s been gone for a while. Now she’s back. And now the weather is bad. And this is a thin frail woman. So all of a sudden I wanted to do more. I always walk past the blanket sales (I have tonnes of them at home, thank you very much). But she doesn’t, and even if she does, they get dirty, wet, cold, how is she gonna wash them all and dry them in time without getting sick? Key in quantity. So I baught her a blanket, kept the change (which is quite a lot, they are very cheap) and went back. She wasn’t there, but her stuff was. So I left the blanket in a plastic bag next to her jacket and the change in her cup. She won’t know it was me. But she’ll know someone thought she deserved kindness. And let me tell you, being Romani, she most likely doesn’t have that impression in spades. I got strange looks from the people opposingΒ  beggars and wishing to “send the scrounging pack home”. I don’t care.

A random act of kindness is key, everyday. It doesn’t have to cost you. It can be a compliment to someone who looks a bit down. Flashing a smile, telling a joke (I am guilty if a lot of those bad jokes to try and brighten a day πŸ˜‰ ). The Romani woman always throws me air kisses and I always throw one back. I just wanted to do a little bit more today. It really does send some hope out there.

If you need more incentive, I talked to a co-worker about the concept today, and he told me tonight that I inspired him to pay a fare home for three school girls who couldn’t afford it. So it spreads! And that ain’t a bad thing πŸ™‚


New music video; Mother and Father

OK, peeps, here comes the video that has music in it! Only one so far… Since it’s based on the “Footprints in the Sand” poem, and me with my own special relation to water, I thought it apt to just take a few hours alone and watch and film the sunset on one of my fav beaches where I live, and make a few appearances myself

The quilted blanket I’m lying on is my grandpa’s, my homage to him as it is his birthday today…

footprints website


The new single… oooops! Singles!

OK, so I fibbed a little bit, but lets be honest, I’ve been doing it throughout this process.

I am releasing TWO new singles!

from the awesome Scarletters! πŸ™‚ If you don’t have spotify they (Mother and Father pt 1 and 2) are also on


at bandcamp they also offer you to donate a small sum if you want to, if you don’t want to it’s totally free. Conscience! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, video up at 8 p.m Swedish time! πŸ™‚


Link to my booking page and some Newcastle

Came home from a very intense Newcastle journey (music work, no real sightseeing play) to see my booking page properly up and running, hurray! You can book me in Sweden from this adress:

The Newcastle journey was, as I said, quite intense, the schedule was pretty full all day long for the three days Music Business School was there, so we never really got to properly look at all the sights and all the (apparently maaaany) bridges. I did however get to co-write with a brilliant duo, Sam and Dan Burt, or Border Scout, and I really enjoyed working with them. Super nice, plus super talented, and the best part is; I didn’t feel _that_ inferior. You know, lyrically and all that. It’s their first language, not mine. I got to work with a different language of melody which I thought was brilliant.

I did some jumps between seminars at the Music Futures conference, I think I collected some pretty decent data and useful knowledge.

Anyways… Pics! πŸ˜‰





Sacco sack room at the hostel. Pretty much heaven in cloth and rice





Our faithful little bus and the grand concert hall



Sins demo

This one’s all about the judgement you meet. Your hardest critics never seem to want to take the risks as hard as you do, do they? Well, this song is all about being aware of that, and take pride in the risks you take. And telling the worst critics “I’ll listen when you put yourself out there as much as I do, til then, you simply CAN NOT be my worst critic”. 2 minutes long. So impatient music listeners should be able to sit the whole way through as well…


I have battled wild horses they ran of on me, I have dealed with strange forces beneath the willow tree// If you don’t have the heart to love, then you can never win, If you don’t find the words to say you can not judge my sins// I have stumbled so many times I think that I’ve lost count, It’s not hard to judge you when you never come around// If you don’t have…// I am in your dreams, occasionally, ripping at the seams, as long as you’re free// If you don’t have the heart to…


Paul Simon Look-a-like

Took a selfie (yes, sue me, I do the odd one too) on the first day of official winter, premiering my winter coat, and just had a glance at it and realized quickly what it looked like. Am I a closet Paul Simon-wannabe? πŸ˜€

Note; I tripled checked, it’s faux fur. Me no want the real thing. Ever! Think Simon’s is, too.