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Stockholm – Livet är en schlager

Had a musical weekend up in Sthlm watching Livet är en schlager on Cirkus. Johan Glans was funny as hell but the biggest surprise was his brilliant singing voice, he’s more known for being a comedian.

Peter Jöback was a gorgeous woman, and although they used the word “tr*nny” a lot (being in a power position of being cis -identifying with the gender I was born with- I need to censor the word and not use it out of respect) they smoothly worked into the show how he identifies as a woman and that we should respect it. Much love! And to my surprise; “you can lable me anyway you want, but lets just call me FABOLOUS” rendered giant standing ovations from the older people in the audience, along with “labels are for things, not people”. Wow, that gave me hope and made me just a little less prejudice… Anyway, you could tell it was personal to him, from one dimension or another, and his performance was strong, even though he used the amateur acting trick of beginning sentences with a giggling “ja” and “jamen…”

Just an overall laugh. I prefer musicals like this one and Spamalot, better to laugh for three hours. Miss Saigon last winter was good, but totally depressing. We had a few hours to check out Sthlm as well, which I always enjoy even though I’ve seen most of it 🙂 as long as I don’t have to drive, I’ve almost been stuck there because of their damn one way streets 😉







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