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My ideal roadtrip album, Tori Amos, Scarlet’s Walk

I figure a music blog is also about making these recommendations, purely from my own point of view of course, but hun buns, here’s my ideal roadtrip album. Tori Amos, Scarlet’s Walk.

tori 1

Now, thanks to this album, I’ve had my definite doubts about naming my future album Scarletters. Even though the archetype appearing to me was most def named “Scarlett”, I didn’t want there to be any issues about me copying one of my house gods. And lets face it, it’s not impropable. But first of all I have seen people rip off names and even layouts from their heroes without there even being a question. But that’s because most people don’t know that much about music. So I think of the people who know music. And I think I can still make it my own from the bottom up. First of all we’re talking two different Scarlet’s in mythology here. Tori refers to the Magdalene, also my go-to girl, but she is not who I’ve gotten help from. I’ve gotten help from the Scarlet Letter of Hester Prynne, the big “A”, the telltale sign. My Scarlett has two “t”‘s, BIG difference, right? 😉 I also sat down with the sleeve recently, and unfortunately discovered some similarities. But hey, I haven’t picked up the sleeve in years, so the idea did come from my head, and there are still enough differences in photo shoot ideas and general layout to reassure at least myself (and with that, people who know music) that I’m not copying. Beatrice Eli is releasing a record named “Die Another day” I mean, come on, she’s clearly worse… 😉 Well, here are my reasons to why you should be driving to Scarlet’s Walk…;

1. The Images
Doesn’t each and every one of them just wanna make you go out on the road? While I don’t condone looking at sleeve images while you drive they still stick in your memory… 😉 Especially the one with the gentleman in the cowboy hat, he looks like our former prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt! 😀

fairytaleb 2
images 2


2. The BPM
Recorded with a first from Matt Chamberlain with all acoustic drums, each song shows it’s own level of perfection and closeness to the wonderful sounding rythm section. You can tell; it’s all really real, Dave. And while they certainly make you sway and groove up to about 5 km past approved speed, it’s not like listening to a double bass drum album like System of a Down and finding yourself in double digits over speed limit. I love SOAD but they make me drive like an asshole. If you’re like me, a rock album is baaaad for your roadtrip…

3. The length
Tori is not known to skimp on song material for each album. You get 12-20 songs each time, no question. For this one it’s 18. Sometimes she does a short one, most of the time the standard pop length, but one or two are pure joy for more than 5 minutes. So it’s well over an hour of music which is ideal if you don’t wanna make unnecessary stops to change the tune.

4. The theme
No surprise she’s a strong theme girl, and most of the songs are about journeys. Physical or mental. Absolutely perfect for a driver, no doubt!

5. It’s all real
I do appreciate her using actual instruments here, it’s an easier listen than synthezisers when you just want your head to relax and take in the surroundings. Her faithful Böse, her Wurlitzer, her Rhodes and her company. Enough to keep you company and stay awake, alert and appreciative.

Well, that’s my take on an ideal roadtrip album, tell me yours! 🙂


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