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New song , Smoke, and the process.

Here’s one I caught as I was first writing it, on my old Iphone, and published, and here’s where it goes one step further into real demo mode (next step, actual musicians apart from me 😉 )

Lyrics: It’s a cold thing, it’s cruel but I can make it mine, It’s the pod fear, it puts the fear of God inside, when you burn the witch, the smoke gets in your eyes, but you’re still here, you’re still my only lullaby, let me sing it to you. You’re a mermaid, you’re swimming in the deep blue sea, it’s Poseidon, he puts the fear of Blue in me, when you burn the witch… when you burn the witch the smoke gets in your eyes, but you’re still here, smiling even though she cries, let her sing it to you.

First version, recording me writing and mumbling on the Iphone:

Next step, demo recording;

Personally, I love this kinda sh*t, hearing Michael Jackson sorta humming Billie Jean on an early demo, hearing Tori Amos developing “A sorta fairytale” on Piano- A collection, so I thought I’d treat you to mine! 🙂 And yes, ladidai is acceptable in a chorus, Crash Test Dummies have made it so… 😉

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