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Got some tracks, some excuse about it being “fixed”, and it it didn’t bother me. And let me tell you, if it doesn’t bother me?…

I am the most allergic to autotune and melodyne ever! I almost wanna throw up when I hear it. I’m like: “dude, just get a real singer instead”. I hear it. I really hear it, and if I hear it and am not bothered, then you’ve done a good job. Because it is my pet peeve. It really is. I can’t think of anything that bothers me more in recordings. I can’t even listen to my fav System of A Down song anymore because Daron Malakian chose autotune (Video/Radio).

Sorry I can’t give you pics again, instead you get my side project. As I was working on album and layout, my hands were already on the go and I needed a non-album outlet. So I made my “In your garden” series. Amateur drawings for sure, but they ended up in my head and I did them all simultaniously and I love the colours. There’s a bit of extra effort in it for sure. But I’ll never claim an overprized rate for it 😉 I just sorta like what I did. One of them is of a snail, and let me tell you, how symbolic! I realized I wanted to be a vegetarian at 4 yrs old when I tried to protect a slug on a school picnic for my brothers, and failed. An adult stamped on it, and I cried buckets. They didn’t understand, they just wanted the outing to be done with so they could have their grown up coffee n’ stuff. “What’s she crying about`” The smushed slug. I still remember it. And snails fascinate me, their awereness of their reflection and using flowers as umbrellas… well, I think there’s more to them slime balls than others may. Still. I love snails. And spiders. Next series may be about our misunderstood eight legged friends! 🙂

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