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Comfortable problems

All the work I’ve put in is really nearing the end by now and it’s pretty fun and interesting. Yesterday I got three important recordings done and had loads of fun the whole time (by the end of it the windy day had made me pretty docile though, so you couldn’t tell, but I was still pretty happy). It was new energy for the last leg of the race, for sure! 🙂 One of the musicians even knicked the EP from the back of the car “to leave as marketing somewhere”. I do love the commitment they’re all putting into this!

And, as one participant told me he was a bit too busy, I asked for help on facebook. “I need this, dude”, and not one but THREE friends jumped to the rescue. I didn’t choose, I simply told the 3 that the deadline for handing in the tracks was sunday as we start mixing on monday. I figured; out of three, usually one can meet the deadline, and that’ll be the one then, the others can say, “oh, I’m sorry…”  Unfortunately, or fortunately, they all IM:d me back “No worries, it’ll get done tomorrow!” Ah, crap, now I have to choose. A very comfortable problem 😉

So now it’s basically waiting for some tracks and more work done actively next week. Lucky, as I am helping a friend move this weekend for the totally satisfying reward of pizza and beer! 😀

Leaving you with an entertaining photo, thought that’d fit my mood 😉



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