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Bessie Coleman Demo 2014

This demo entails a feministic history lessons!
Bessie Coleman was the first woman of colour to get a pilot license in 1921-22 and refused to perform in her hometown 1925 if black and white weren’t allowed to walk through the same entrance.

1958; women were allowed to be ordained as priests in Sweden.

2010: FI burnt the amount of money cast aside as women weren’t payed equally.

As for the sunday school part? Women as the original sin. Always considered the temptresses, the sinners. Delilah cut off Samsons locks because she hoped he would stay with her but the idiot went out and got himself killed anyway because fighting was more important. I’ve always sided with Delilah here… A woman asked for the head of John the Baptist as ordered by her masters and the fool she danced for was so horny he agreed. Her fault? Adam could have refused the apple, but didn’t… Yet the women are the original sinners. A thing of evil as we go through sunday school.

Bessie, this song is for you…

1925, I can hear your voice it rings so loud as you loop the loop in the sky// fly bessie fly in your flying machine don’t you worry bout the crows in your garden they’re just there to eat// 1958, can you hear my prayers I’m in my robes and I love you still though it took you your sweet time to let me in// Fly Bessie Fly…// 2010, it’s an awfully warm july right on the money there it goes but time is just time, right? // Fly Bessie Fly…// I become a thing of evil when I go through sunday school, I cut your hair, I want your head I eat your apple, I’m so cruel, but original, so original…// Fly Bessie, fly…// they’ll never get as good as you…



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