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Photoshoot, shhhh!

To ensure as little as possible leak to the public about the album (yep, I’m going Beyoncé ‘xept you know I’m working on an album, think that’s the best way to go now) we did the photoshoot ourselves. I have a decent camera for the purpose, a canon g10, so things will turn out awesome if you now when and where to point it. I had Silja with me who, like me, has knowledge of light and angles.

I had a pretty good idea of styling to go with the music, and most of it I could do myself as well. All this make up always makes me feel a bit Jersey Shore. But on camera, it doesn’t look it. Makes me wonder how much make up they actually use on that show… My only stipulation when the styling started, that I couldn’t do myself, was: “I want a mohawk!” Which I got. Loved it! 🙂

For the shooting itself it was pretty damn warm, so I put out a fruit plate, but when we were done there were big homemade veggie cheeseburgers waiting for us. Let no motha’ claim I ain’t a burger kinda girl! 😀



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