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In the mix

For those of you wondering about album project;

Not quite done with the recordings, but some tracks are ready for mixing and I’ve been doing that lately. I do admire the sound tech’s patience, as half of the time I’m mostly picking up guitar pics, squeezing them to my eye and saying “arrrr, I’m a pirate” when I should be concentrating on the mix (which I DO find interesting, there’s just a ten-year-old in me wanting to get out and spew all over the mix, pressing all buttons that haven’t been pressed and stuff).

I’ve been raging about the time it takes but sorta had a wake-up call with that talking to fellow musicians this weekend (“It took me three years to get my full length ready”). My last one was an EP, and it took a weekend, I was spoiled with that. “This is how it works!” Yeaaah, right… My last full length was a year in the making. Remember. Be humble, Maria. I do balance between letting healthy rage out (which I am bad at and it usually ends up coming out at the wrong time to the wrong people when I’m stressed out) and knowing when to be patient (I’m learning).

I’m just very eager to show you guys the new stuff as it’s been buzzing in my head for so long! It’s not gonna be “Chinese Democracy”, but it may take a while. Probably not three years (you poor fellah!).



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