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Weekend work

Well, kind of. Music And Business school says in itself it’s business, even if it’s more education, which to me still is key in any field of work you do. We had some interesting lectures, lots of coffee (of course) and I took notes in my little “unshaved legs” notebook.

First day was Pär Winberg, one of my old teachers, former A&R at EMI and now working at Ginza with own record company. So after he hugged me he told Martin (programme initiator) that “This is one of my absolute nicest, skilled old students” “You say that about all of them” Me: “But he only means it with me” 😉 Pär: “That’s right”. I have fuuull confidence it is so…

Second day was Tomas Jernberg, working at Warner, he was really good too. I can’t imagine the two had a chitchat before but none of them contradicted eachother and managed to speak of different good to know things each day, so the weekend got pretty educational! 🙂

After we finished on Sunday we’d been inside on a pretty nice weekend, so I rang Silja up for some much needed outdoor-time. Since it’s just right and not mind-numbingly hot outside we took Lenka (my bunny) with us, she’s been dying to go outside all year and bounce around a little, and she’s got a very stylish red leash that says “Carrot Killer”. I had a pretty injured hand yesterday so I wasn’t very dextrous (nothing to worry about, it’s miles better even today), so we decided to let Rufus the guinea pig stay in instead of keeping track of two furry hairballs. It may sound mean to him, but he really doesn’t appreciate the outside. He hides in your armpit and does every guinea pig equivalent of screaming; “What is this evil?? Take me awaaaay!” But Lenka had a smashing time, catching some sun as you can see, and only got carried inside again when she stopped bouncing around and started eating grass. “Me no bored now, but me very hungry” is what I’d say that it means…



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