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Cuts and fades…

Fighting with cuts and fades on most tracks on the album, time consuming and how I cringe when I hear my strange breathing inbetween choir takes! I do back away from the mic inbetween active parts, but I also breathe with the rythm, being a singer it’s important to have the rythm thing down. So it’s some weird breaths inbetween.

But yep, only one day of recording left and it’s done! 🙂 Hoping to have an album to give you in the autumn darkness coming up. I do love the season until it goes completely dark, then it’s a bit depressing 😉

In the meantime, Swedish elections are coming up and I’m thinking FI (feministic initiative). Not because I agree with everything, there are some certain flaws in the way they do politics, but because we need them in parliament. If they do get in, it is along with other “left wing” parties, so there will be discussion, and they will provide some well needed insight. The constant apprehension towards them is that some of the questions other than feminism is lacking, and I agree, but they won’t be the leading party if they get into parliament, just a good voice in the midst. And no, it’s not the same as racist SD. FI actually likes women, while voting SD to handle the immigrant question is sorta like voting “Pedophile Party” because they are the ones thinking of the children.

Sorta got into politics there! I’ll just conclude with the hope that I’ll be releasing the album to a brighter Sweden with more compassion…


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Swedish lovechild of Kate Bush, Tori Amos and PJ Harvey. 2 albums and 2 EP:s, all available at Spotify, Itunes, and physically. A blog about music, being a female musician in a male dominated business and the occasional feminist/veggie rant. Check out my homepage: for news, bits and bobs and bio, and buy-o of my music. Never lose that creative spark!

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