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What a week!

I’m not one for big socializing all the time. I love people and I love my space. What a wonderfully artistic thing to say 😉 Most of the actors in the A Midsummer Night’s Dream troop were from far away, and had to spend the night in the Gudhem hostel, I didn’t. But this one particular day we had an early show and I spent the night. I snore a wee bit, oh the angst! 😉 Not so people can’t sleep, but I asked, because I had to know. I didn’t use to. So crap-er-ooh. It’s not very fairy like… But last day was hustle and bustle and appreciation and improve (apparently, I did some great ones). It’s too bad, just as you get to really love the crew and the process the week is over. But they called me a “great actor” (oh dear, big head), and there was a lot of hugs. I still can’t grasp I did most of the make up myself as I am so bad at it (well, to me I am). The attachment of the ears I left to the helpers, it’s one of those things you can’t really do yourself, none of the elves and faeries did. But I had grasped Cobweb so well by showtime I knew what to do. In the beggining, I felt very “Jersey Shore” doing the darkest foundation “I’m orange!” but looking at videos and photos it looked great. Let’s face it, I was one of the darkest ones there.

Titania (fairy queen) gave us a scare as hypothermia set in as soon as she had gracefully done her duties, but she turned out OK. Being heat oriented myself, it thankfully made me more careful.

Details of the adventures to come, but in the meantime, have some backstage pics of; my fairy eyebrows/ backstage love/ me and my queen- fairy selfie 🙂





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