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Fairy magic

A fairy selfie might be mandatory!

A selfie of me as Cobweb is OK after the premiere! Just to get you to go to the other shows (saturday, 3 pm and 7pm, sunday 12 pm and 4 pm, Gudhems Kloster, Falköping) and see this little wee thing act out.

I can’t tell you how awesome the ears are. I put of taking them off but unfortunately, they came off as I removed the last piece of costume… sigh… why must pointy ears be and look so awesome?…

I am quite hopeless otherwise but with help and instructions, I actually did most of the make up myself (not the conturing, I’ve never been in plays that have it so I asked for some assistance there, but I might be able to do it next time). They loved the blue theme and my lips are actually VERY blue which you can’t see here, but I felt like I’d been in the water to long or something… you know… the beginning stages of hypothermia thing. It looked cool though!

People had to squeeze your ears when it itched as you couldn’t risk pulling them off yourself, but it was quite nice, having people massage your fairy ears 😉 And I could finally act out on the “Doe eyes” people claim I have 😉 I was a bit skeptical to the blueblack hair at first (a little late when you’ve already coloured it, it’s DAMN hard to get rid of it afterwards when it’s that dark ;D) but with hair, make up, my own and the writer’s visions for Cobweb, it actually came together pretty awesome.

It did get cold, so we let the kids touch our hands afterwards to show that fairy hands get cold too, but the blanket I brought was a total blessing. We lucked out, there was a thunderstorm but it never reached us. Think I might have to do a fairy dance to make the rest of the weekend this nice.



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