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The bangerang man

I feel it impossible to post today without mentioning Robin Williams. I was struck in my newsfeed today with the news. And what might he have to do with music, recordings, Shakespeare and Kate Bush you ask?

Well… he was a big part of my childhood. And he had this sparkle that I’ll never forget. More eery, is I decided I wanted to watch “Hook” this saturday, not having watched it in 20 yrs. I know how he touched me. And while you might go: “well, one actor, vs the Gaza strip”, the perspective is still not off for me. He had an ability to make the darkness brighter, to always have you leaving that film/show/whatevs feeling lighter and better. To shed light on a dark world. When in doubt, you could just put on of those old comedies and feel better. I think he did that internationally. One of a kind, as Obama put it. You know that spark, that twinkle he had in his eyes? You couldn’t help but have your heart skip a beat to it.

Growing up, I loved comedy and would put on a lot of comedy shows. While you think my latest Lucy in the sky with diamonds video is me giving humour for a change, that’s really how I started out. Robin Williams and Jim Carrey had me making voices, making comedy. The music has evolved, the acting has evolved, but that’s still where me and my voice started out from. Many comedys and comedians can naturally evolve towards more serious, but they never forget their roots.

And going into A midsummer night’s dream, it was the comedian in me wanting out again. Because it IS a comedy, albeit Shakespearian. We’ve all put on better shows today, and it turns out, it’s this effect he has had on us. Cause I was like: “No, I can’t check fb right now, this thing about Robin Williams depresses me” and the answer from everyone was: “Noooo, don’t bring it up! We’re surpressing it right now! Please, don’t remind me, I’ll get sad!” He sure had a big hand in theatre too…

And I’ll tell you a secret. I feel he touched adults and kids. And I knew he had a good 20 yrs of comedy left in him. I had hoped he would get to give it to my future kids. It is a really sad day. I won’t deny, while feeling the sadness and sympathy, there is a part of me that gets angry when someone commits suicide. “You a*hole! Dontcha know how much you hade left to give the world?” Sorta like most mental illnesses and addictions. There’s that little part that hates the person. And that’s pretty normal. Most of us feel it. It’s part of grief.

Speaking of kids, lightening the mood, one of the young girls on the show went around poking at stomachs going: “Baaaaby! Now you’re pregnant!” and most of us went “nooo, I knew there was more to the story: where do babies come from?” It’s a curse put on you by Emelie, simply enough đŸ˜‰ I’m having twins and the woman playing Titania is having quintuplets apparently. As the girl playing one of the elves went “I’m only 17” I went; “And I’m only 30, I’m supposed to have one at 48, medical science cathing up with me…” ;). Oh, and the man playing Lars is having a baby too… Heavy… Well… see you in a few months with updates on this…

In the meantime, always missed, mr Bangerang man…



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