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1st day of Shake dat Speare…

Here’s what I’ve always believed. So you are human. Sometimes you’re late. But NEVER be late on your first day of work. 5 minutes. I was like daaaamn it! Turns out I wasn’t alone though, many arrived with me. First day of rehearsals.

I might revise my belief to “never be late for a job interview”. Cause all the jobs I’ve gotten, I’ve been half an hour early, all the jobs I haven’t gotten, I’ve been those five minutes late.

In a creative line of work, I do believe it matters just a little bit less. We’re all tardies. Often I try to show up early though, as it’s often a matter of my recordings and I want to be on top of it.

But here? In the beginning I was like “everyone’s gonna be good and know the script.” And it sure felt like it. ‘Til I talked to several people going “”Everyone’s so talented and I am so crap.” These were people where I felt “oh my, they are much more talented than me”. So I told them and their eyes went big. “But you were so good!” “I’m just a musician.” “I don’t care, I felt intimidated by you.” How critical we are of our own talents when it comes to this field!

I helped as much as I could, took on the parts of the people who weren’t there, tried on my costume (it’s awesome! I like being Cobweb and not Pea Blossom or Mustard Seed) and went home not parttaking in “game time” as we’d been hanging all day and turns out, I wasn’t alone in going “now I just wanna do my thing”. I still put in a solid 9 hours of games and rehearsals, so really, who can blame you for going “nah, I’ll skip the last part”.

Gudhem is a beautiful place to rehearse. Looking forward to the next few days! And being just as up to speed as the others about Shakespeare inspired me to do some music when I got home, you know, the whole “I’m intelligent enough to have things to inspire other people with.”

We met a woman visiting the church, too, and she was from England but spoke beautiful Swedish. I didn’t even know she was English til she said so. I shut up about my year in England and showing off my accent. Honestly, I admire the English speaking Swedish so much more than I admire the other way around. Our language has like, I dunno, two grammar rules and a thousand exceptions. Kinda like Chinese and Greek. Well done, non-native Swedish speakers! 🙂



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