Ha ha haaaaa!

OK, so if you’re not Swedish, this needs explanation. SD is widely critisized not just for being kinda xenophobic, but because they’re pretty bad at any kind of politics in general. So what the other polititian is saying to party leader Jimmie Åkesson is: “When I look at you, Åkesson, I think of one of those ships in a glass bottle” … “How did you get in here, really?”

Love it.



Headphone recommendation

I’ve had good experience with Behringer, affordable, yet quality stuff. The HPS 3000 are awesome closed headphones for the prize! (About 25 euro), mixing with ’em right now without interfering with sleeping kiddo (work).

Now, they don’t sponsor me, I just figured sometimes a blog should make recommendations, especially a music blog 😉


Cuts and fades…

Fighting with cuts and fades on most tracks on the album, time consuming and how I cringe when I hear my strange breathing inbetween choir takes! I do back away from the mic inbetween active parts, but I also breathe with the rythm, being a singer it’s important to have the rythm thing down. So it’s some weird breaths inbetween.

But yep, only one day of recording left and it’s done! 🙂 Hoping to have an album to give you in the autumn darkness coming up. I do love the season until it goes completely dark, then it’s a bit depressing 😉

In the meantime, Swedish elections are coming up and I’m thinking FI (feministic initiative). Not because I agree with everything, there are some certain flaws in the way they do politics, but because we need them in parliament. If they do get in, it is along with other “left wing” parties, so there will be discussion, and they will provide some well needed insight. The constant apprehension towards them is that some of the questions other than feminism is lacking, and I agree, but they won’t be the leading party if they get into parliament, just a good voice in the midst. And no, it’s not the same as racist SD. FI actually likes women, while voting SD to handle the immigrant question is sorta like voting “Pedophile Party” because they are the ones thinking of the children.

Sorta got into politics there! I’ll just conclude with the hope that I’ll be releasing the album to a brighter Sweden with more compassion…

Some pictures from A midsummer night’s dream in the making

Three from a rehearsal with costume fitting (so without the make-up and full props) one from meditation and coffee backstage (we all look super-alert) and one from the intermission with the faeries in full custome and makeup. Yes, I loved my cobweb cloak, in case you wondered. Almost as much as the pointy ears but I didn’t get to keep it ( I did with the ears though, yaaay!)

When pics from the actual performance surface I might be putting some up, but understandably, I couldn’t take any 😉

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What a week!

I’m not one for big socializing all the time. I love people and I love my space. What a wonderfully artistic thing to say 😉 Most of the actors in the A Midsummer Night’s Dream troop were from far away, and had to spend the night in the Gudhem hostel, I didn’t. But this one particular day we had an early show and I spent the night. I snore a wee bit, oh the angst! 😉 Not so people can’t sleep, but I asked, because I had to know. I didn’t use to. So crap-er-ooh. It’s not very fairy like… But last day was hustle and bustle and appreciation and improve (apparently, I did some great ones). It’s too bad, just as you get to really love the crew and the process the week is over. But they called me a “great actor” (oh dear, big head), and there was a lot of hugs. I still can’t grasp I did most of the make up myself as I am so bad at it (well, to me I am). The attachment of the ears I left to the helpers, it’s one of those things you can’t really do yourself, none of the elves and faeries did. But I had grasped Cobweb so well by showtime I knew what to do. In the beggining, I felt very “Jersey Shore” doing the darkest foundation “I’m orange!” but looking at videos and photos it looked great. Let’s face it, I was one of the darkest ones there.

Titania (fairy queen) gave us a scare as hypothermia set in as soon as she had gracefully done her duties, but she turned out OK. Being heat oriented myself, it thankfully made me more careful.

Details of the adventures to come, but in the meantime, have some backstage pics of; my fairy eyebrows/ backstage love/ me and my queen- fairy selfie 🙂




Fairy magic

A fairy selfie might be mandatory!

A selfie of me as Cobweb is OK after the premiere! Just to get you to go to the other shows (saturday, 3 pm and 7pm, sunday 12 pm and 4 pm, Gudhems Kloster, Falköping) and see this little wee thing act out.

I can’t tell you how awesome the ears are. I put of taking them off but unfortunately, they came off as I removed the last piece of costume… sigh… why must pointy ears be and look so awesome?…

I am quite hopeless otherwise but with help and instructions, I actually did most of the make up myself (not the conturing, I’ve never been in plays that have it so I asked for some assistance there, but I might be able to do it next time). They loved the blue theme and my lips are actually VERY blue which you can’t see here, but I felt like I’d been in the water to long or something… you know… the beginning stages of hypothermia thing. It looked cool though!

People had to squeeze your ears when it itched as you couldn’t risk pulling them off yourself, but it was quite nice, having people massage your fairy ears 😉 And I could finally act out on the “Doe eyes” people claim I have 😉 I was a bit skeptical to the blueblack hair at first (a little late when you’ve already coloured it, it’s DAMN hard to get rid of it afterwards when it’s that dark ;D) but with hair, make up, my own and the writer’s visions for Cobweb, it actually came together pretty awesome.

It did get cold, so we let the kids touch our hands afterwards to show that fairy hands get cold too, but the blanket I brought was a total blessing. We lucked out, there was a thunderstorm but it never reached us. Think I might have to do a fairy dance to make the rest of the weekend this nice.


A wee peek

I’ve taken loads of pictures of costumes, set, and the show that I can’t really post ’til the shows are done with but I can treat you to this little pap pic… 😉

It’s me in full Cobweb costume with a bird’s flowery nest on my head (left) sitting next to my queen (Titania, right), watching others act out their scenes. Your background on Cobweb; Titania is queen of the faeries and Cobweb is one of her constant companions. They can all sing and dance and do great things with nature, but Pea Blossom is the practical, Mustard Seed the “special” little sister ;), and Cobweb is the pretty eye candy used to please other’s eyes and serve her queen. “You’re perfect for the part!”… ah… well… thanks  😛

You can’t see it here as the queen looks a bit more naked, but she has a full length dress. I am the most lightly clad of the bunch. So I will deffo bring a blanket for inbetween my scenes! 😉 Hair will of course be fixed to fairy status. I’ve already spa’d the shit out of my body to look as soft as possible. Hopefully that’ll help! Oh, right, we talked hair colour and one of the writers said: “Blue black would be perfect on Cobweb”. Of course you can’t say that to me without me taking action so… See result below! 😀


The bangerang man

I feel it impossible to post today without mentioning Robin Williams. I was struck in my newsfeed today with the news. And what might he have to do with music, recordings, Shakespeare and Kate Bush you ask?

Well… he was a big part of my childhood. And he had this sparkle that I’ll never forget. More eery, is I decided I wanted to watch “Hook” this saturday, not having watched it in 20 yrs. I know how he touched me. And while you might go: “well, one actor, vs the Gaza strip”, the perspective is still not off for me. He had an ability to make the darkness brighter, to always have you leaving that film/show/whatevs feeling lighter and better. To shed light on a dark world. When in doubt, you could just put on of those old comedies and feel better. I think he did that internationally. One of a kind, as Obama put it. You know that spark, that twinkle he had in his eyes? You couldn’t help but have your heart skip a beat to it.

Growing up, I loved comedy and would put on a lot of comedy shows. While you think my latest Lucy in the sky with diamonds video is me giving humour for a change, that’s really how I started out. Robin Williams and Jim Carrey had me making voices, making comedy. The music has evolved, the acting has evolved, but that’s still where me and my voice started out from. Many comedys and comedians can naturally evolve towards more serious, but they never forget their roots.

And going into A midsummer night’s dream, it was the comedian in me wanting out again. Because it IS a comedy, albeit Shakespearian. We’ve all put on better shows today, and it turns out, it’s this effect he has had on us. Cause I was like: “No, I can’t check fb right now, this thing about Robin Williams depresses me” and the answer from everyone was: “Noooo, don’t bring it up! We’re surpressing it right now! Please, don’t remind me, I’ll get sad!” He sure had a big hand in theatre too…

And I’ll tell you a secret. I feel he touched adults and kids. And I knew he had a good 20 yrs of comedy left in him. I had hoped he would get to give it to my future kids. It is a really sad day. I won’t deny, while feeling the sadness and sympathy, there is a part of me that gets angry when someone commits suicide. “You a*hole! Dontcha know how much you hade left to give the world?” Sorta like most mental illnesses and addictions. There’s that little part that hates the person. And that’s pretty normal. Most of us feel it. It’s part of grief.

Speaking of kids, lightening the mood, one of the young girls on the show went around poking at stomachs going: “Baaaaby! Now you’re pregnant!” and most of us went “nooo, I knew there was more to the story: where do babies come from?” It’s a curse put on you by Emelie, simply enough 😉 I’m having twins and the woman playing Titania is having quintuplets apparently. As the girl playing one of the elves went “I’m only 17” I went; “And I’m only 30, I’m supposed to have one at 48, medical science cathing up with me…” ;). Oh, and the man playing Lars is having a baby too… Heavy… Well… see you in a few months with updates on this…

In the meantime, always missed, mr Bangerang man…


1st day of Shake dat Speare…

Here’s what I’ve always believed. So you are human. Sometimes you’re late. But NEVER be late on your first day of work. 5 minutes. I was like daaaamn it! Turns out I wasn’t alone though, many arrived with me. First day of rehearsals.

I might revise my belief to “never be late for a job interview”. Cause all the jobs I’ve gotten, I’ve been half an hour early, all the jobs I haven’t gotten, I’ve been those five minutes late.

In a creative line of work, I do believe it matters just a little bit less. We’re all tardies. Often I try to show up early though, as it’s often a matter of my recordings and I want to be on top of it.

But here? In the beginning I was like “everyone’s gonna be good and know the script.” And it sure felt like it. ‘Til I talked to several people going “”Everyone’s so talented and I am so crap.” These were people where I felt “oh my, they are much more talented than me”. So I told them and their eyes went big. “But you were so good!” “I’m just a musician.” “I don’t care, I felt intimidated by you.” How critical we are of our own talents when it comes to this field!

I helped as much as I could, took on the parts of the people who weren’t there, tried on my costume (it’s awesome! I like being Cobweb and not Pea Blossom or Mustard Seed) and went home not parttaking in “game time” as we’d been hanging all day and turns out, I wasn’t alone in going “now I just wanna do my thing”. I still put in a solid 9 hours of games and rehearsals, so really, who can blame you for going “nah, I’ll skip the last part”.

Gudhem is a beautiful place to rehearse. Looking forward to the next few days! And being just as up to speed as the others about Shakespeare inspired me to do some music when I got home, you know, the whole “I’m intelligent enough to have things to inspire other people with.”

We met a woman visiting the church, too, and she was from England but spoke beautiful Swedish. I didn’t even know she was English til she said so. I shut up about my year in England and showing off my accent. Honestly, I admire the English speaking Swedish so much more than I admire the other way around. Our language has like, I dunno, two grammar rules and a thousand exceptions. Kinda like Chinese and Greek. Well done, non-native Swedish speakers! 🙂


Photos from today’s session, and an article! :)


Had loadsa fun today with Lisa Moberg and Boel Söderberg, recording strings, the score was legible and sometimes a bit off, but then I hummed the right version Benny Andersson style, cause the songs have been buzzing in their ready made form in my head for so long! Here’s some pics and my latest article talking albums 🙂