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I can’t let you do that, Dave…

Well, sometimes you overthink it. In all honour of what I teach my students, I think I’m overthinking where I just used to “do” before. Like today, going for “trestrukna C” and the C three octaves down. As soon as I stopped thinking of technique I nailed it.

The last few days have been a joy musically. At least working as much as I do gives me some extra cashio, something I didn’t have during spring. So my annual little Thomann shopping spree took place. Don’t get me wrong, I go for budget, but good budget improving what I do. The lyrics recorded before the shopping spree have the tiniest bit of a room reverb on them, now when I’ve set a few things up it ends up more clean. Not that it makes a whole lot of difference, but a little. A little that the perfectionist in me really wanted. I cringe about the little things. They are probs not noticable. But every little improvement does make something happen in the music as I get just a wee bit more comfortable.

I also got that second keyboard I’ve been dreaming about, not Nord which was my first choice, but a Roland E-15 that does give you a run for the money on a budget. So now I can wow people with what I’ve been thinking of, playing 2 keys simoultaniously. It’s actually not too hard (I probably shouldn’t be telling you this) the motor skills are pretty much the same as a pianist practices different things in right and left hand. But deffo a difference in stage seating position, so I may have to have a little practice. But I’m looking forward to it!

The most redundant thing? A mic stand cup holder. Deffo a luxury item. But hey, sometimes you gots to just be like a boss! 😉




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