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Some nice-ish thangs for summer

OK, so I’ve got a booking company, and that’s a big load of my mind. It was good when I got the gigs myself, you knew the places where places you wanted to play when they thought it was cool a girl called/sought them out, as opposed to the places that almost hung up as soon as they heard a female voice (“female musicians?! Isn’t it enough they get to vote and drive cars?!!”).

But when I’m caught up in projects, like the album now, I have zero time to make phone calls. Delegating to companies devoted solely to get bookings and gigs seems like a good idea.

And I’m also playing Cobweb in A Midsummernight’s Dream in August. I’ve always wanted to do Shakespeare, so I’m quite excited. I remember studying English Literature when I lived in England (the weird thing is I was the top of the class full of Englishmen, but considering how most of us treat our own language it might not be too far fetched) and there was a lot of Shakespeare. Mark, the professor who was BTW such a stereotypichal professor with patches on his cardigan elbows, thought he’d explain it to me a little extra and I was like: “Hey, do you know how much he invades our basic history classes in Sweden? No need, I love The Bard.” I’ve owned the full collection of his plays and poems since I was 14. So yes, looking forward to do some jambic verse and Spindelväv as she is called in Swedish 🙂 The pressure is on though, they judge your acting based on how you do Shakespeare. Good thing it’s mostly singing, THAT I know how to do 😉

So… nice summer stuff on the way! 🙂


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