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But I like… birds

Tropical heat in Skaraborg, and with heat the birds seem to get slow, even a bit thick. I can’t tell you how many I’ve nearly hit and yesterday I wasn’t even sure if one flew under the car while I was driving on the motor way… I panicked and yelled “Biiiirdieeee” but I haven’t seen any blood or tiny guts so…

On the way to record jamming today (we’ve done it for so long now it’s not even rehearsals any more) I had to honk when a little sparrow wouldn’t budge. The jam went ultra nice though, I think doing all this framework, although tedious and feeling a little bad about not being out in the sun, makes the fingers quicker. There’s a bit of a bohemian fight going on inside when the weather is fine. “It can’t be all about work.” “But I love music” “But I need to be out in this fine weather while it lasts!” Music usually wins, I AM a sun worshipper when it comes to light and psyche but I have no need to tan and look like a leather bag in five, thank you very much. I like this years summer so far especially, as there’s been a good balance of rain and it’s nice and green. I even saw a cow enjoying the sun with her eyes closed so I know the animals like it too. Well… apart from the birds then. I hope they cool of soon, it’s only a matter of time before I run one over! :S


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2 responses to “But I like… birds

  1. Andy

    I have a dog who sits in the back garden and, I’m sure, he takes in the sun ๐Ÿ™‚
    My favourite season is Winter though I am never to be spotted sporting a tan.
    I remember once being picked up by a friend on the way to work a nice summer morning. Going around a roundabout (makes sense) a pigeon flew into the car through an open window. Cue feathers and fluttering a and shouts and skids. We survived. Pigeon as well.

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