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Back from beautiful Halzbergen

On my way to Germany I thought I’d forgotten my mobile phone and I was almost relieved. Turned out I hadn’t, and I was almost disappointed. Good thing though, as I could relax, because I could change work shifts and not leave at 5 o clock in the morning for work on monday. I couldn’t get the internet working though, sorta a relief in itself, and it wasn’t even working properly in Skåne, proving everyone’s point that Skåne is not Sweden 😉

Joke aside though, it’s been crazy with the elections. Lots of opinions floating around. How the “Turn your back” did more harm than good. Personally, I don’t think it did because 1: The ones voting were deffo gonna do it anyway, protests aside. As a participant of the protests, I can tell you the stories of the meetings have been blown up and skewed by news hungry papers. SD voters wouldn’t contradict, because it tipped in their favour and defence. That is all. I spoke to neutral parties on the road with SD about this and they agreed. And 2: Really, the protests were not to stop anyone. They were only meant as an expression of opinion. Taking a stand. It was meant for the protestors and their sence of solidarity, nothing else. I’m not telling my grandkids: “Naaah, I didn’t take a stand, I acted in a way that wouldn’t upset SD or voters”. I mean… talk about letting the fascists dictate what you do! It can never be counter productive to express an opinion if your only intention was just that; expressing an opinion. I haven’t removed SD-voters from my friends and I’ll never stop talking to them head-on. This was just for us “left extremists” needing the sence of solidarity and relief. Not always wearing the silky gloves at all times, you know.

Anyway, Germany is great in many ways. I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful the Halzbergen area is. We rode a steam train, we tried beer, we tried strong liquors at the breweries. Mostly I just stared at the beautiful woods and mountains. Germany is great because: They love culture. They nurture it. There’s still the love of art because of the art itself, not connections and popularity. We’ve been spoiled here in Sweden, so to us it’s all about self-serve. I think because of the division and prohibitions Germany has seen and lived until relatively recently (within my lifetime. 5 yrs old “Maria, the wall has fallen” “Well, why don’t they fix whatever wall that is, then?”) they appreciate the culture in another way.

Germany is not so great because: They still don’t encourage different. My colourful choices in clothing doesn’t raise an eyebrow in Sweden but it sure does over there. “Gently, Maria!” said to me by German friends as I was really hungry, biting big into my sandwich, just one example. Errr… screw that, know what I mean? …

There’s still a love of culture over here, but mostly in the older generations. I think they know depravity better. It doesn’t matter where you are. Big cities or small. Gothenburg, Stockholm, Skara or Skövde. The younger generation chooses popularity and things fruitful to themselves over their own inner voice going: “good stuff!”. Exceptions can be found of course. I’ve broken through some barriers. I have of course also learned that there is a “status” to reach when it comes to my work too. People know of me. And when I contact some, not mentioning names, they recognize the name and go: “Yeah, well, I might stop by and see you while you record” And I KNOW these people are all about connections. They wouldn’t contact me, but that’s more a sign of every single contact hungry person’s insecurities. “If I meet them, I’ll talk to them, but I can’t just go trying to talk to them spontaniously like a crazy person”. The few that seemed to have genuinely listened and liked, those gig places, my musicians, friends and fans, those are the one’s I feel really make a difference and mean just a little bit more.

And there’s more of that in Germany. Providing the growing ground for Beatles, Bob Marley, and many more. Actually have quite a few fans over there 🙂

Anyways, the vacay was more about just letting go and not caring about things like that at all. Just watching, getting inspired. Those few days of vacation flew by waaaay too fast!






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