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A few witches burning, gets a little toasty

I debated back and forth with myself about this one. Should I go or shouldn’t I? Racist party SD had a meeting in Skövde and there
was of course a counter demonstration, the “Turn your back to SD” one. Swedes all over the country go to the meetings and turn their backs in peaceful silence to party leader Jimmy Åkesson. On the one hand, they can play the victim card. The outsider/underdog card. I don’t want to give them that. On the other hand, ignoring violations of human rights has never stopped the deuche bags from seizing power. Peaceful demonstrations on the other hand have proven maybe not always super effective, but more effective.

And while they wanna be treated like any other political party, they don’t act like one. Reinfeldt would have fired all the idiots and representative tweeting idiotic, misogynistic, xenophobic things in a heart beat. While most of the representative in SD dig their own graves by being totally socially impaired and posting one bad thing after another without reprocussions. If you won’t tell them, Jimmie, the rest of us will.

And lets face it, history teaches us to act and protest before the bad guys do too much damage. I think turning your back is one of the most peaceful, yet for SD mentally devastating, ways to join the resistance.

I was tired. I tried to just throw their papers away and ignore them. I had worked for 12 hrs, exhausted. No make-up, no fixy-looky-goody, looking as sleep deprived as I was. I got off work at 19.10 and the speech started at 19.00. Yet when I heard those church bells ring, Skövde stating there’s a sign of danger, danger is here, I just went “aaah, fuck it, this is historical” and walked down there from work. And turned my back. Magazines will tell you there was lots of trouble. There wasn’t. Honestly, the “Dialouge Police” (someone mediating between police, demonstration and counter demonstration) walked around calmly. Three or four people yelled “No racists on our streets!” and got busted by the police. I talked to the Dialouge Police (that’s how I know what he does, I had to ask 😉 )  and he told me there was mostly “a lot of backs turned everywhere”. I said “well I think that’s good news” and he smiled and gave me a friendly pat.

On my way back, I saw a terribly injured pigeon. How fitting. A symbol for peace, all broken down when SD comes to town. I stopped traffic (it was in the middle of the road) and carried him/her to the park. I don’t think it would have managed a car ride home and it was better of in the park if anywhere, not in the street with cars. I patted him/her and said “just stay here, whether you make it or not, this is better.” And it relaxed in the grass. I hope it’s OK.

I’ll be honest, I felt sad for SD, I really pitied them and wanted to turn around several times. And there’s the difference. The basic empathy. Even to the people without it. You just have to decide which trumphs the other, the empathy for the poor sods of a bad, sloppy party, or the “cultural diversity” they hate. I chose the later.




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3 responses to “A few witches burning, gets a little toasty

  1. Andy

    A good post letting us know what is going on over there….I gotta feeling the pigeon may have died 😦 🙂

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