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All work and no play is still play

I do like this time of year when it comes to my work. I like autumn, winter and high summer in their own rights but it’s good work in spring. Mostly because all the jobs lead me outside. I do get the occasional “why the hell are you such a workaholic?” and you’d think it’s solely to bring home the bacon, but if that was true, I wouldn’t have cut down on all of them this year to bare minimum. You know, if there’s four/five of them, I get to work a lot anyway 😉 But really, it’s the inspiration I get from all the bits and pieces, not doing one thing but living, breathing and doing my thing well in several fields. The three not-my-own-music related are all about kids. An inspiration in itself. What you get from them (apart from their incredibly warm and awesome hugs) is perspective, joy. And two of them include animals. What’s that? I love animals? Naaah 😉

One thing I did decide as I’d been working for a while, remembering my own childhood, was: “No matter what’s going on in your life. Smile when you see ’em. Kids soak up bad moods like there’s no tomorrow, and internalize it. And no matter what, you actually ARE happy to see them! Don’t ever make them feel like they are not a sight for sore eyes.” Works like a charm. Plus, in Ekehagen where they are used to their own, understandably, tired adults, a smiling face gives them a boost for the day, maybe the week even. I’ve had several kids wanting to hug and hold my hand there as “I am nice… and funny!…” I do this to the kid I’m assisting with autism as well. In the beginning kiddo looked skeptical, but now I see kiddo light up when I come to get him/her for the day. No mean feat, one of the school drivers even said: “Oooh, yeah, kiddo knows you, I can see that, look at how happy he/she looks when he/she realizes it’s you!” And lets face it. Kids are honest. So when they like you, you just know you can feel good about yourself. So even if I’m in a surly mood because of something else, I smile. And turns out, the smile I get back really does put me out of my own funk. So they help me as much as I help them!

In every field I’m working now, I get to go outside, even with my own music. My bass player and I are pretty synched, she’s 6 yrs younger than me but I’m immature and she’s mature, so we meet half way and make sure we do inspirational getaways when we get the chance. So on a daily basis I get hugs, petting cows, cats and sheep, and I get nature and all kinds of differend bird songs. It’s pretty awesome. And because I’ve cut down on hours, I am energized and not exhausted after a good work day.

There is no downside to the bringing home of the bacon. But lets face it, I’m a vegetarian, I don’t need that much of it 😉





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