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Lift up the receiver I’ll make you a believer

I’ve got loadsa spiritual songs, songs based on mythological references, fairy tales and communicating with the powers that be. So it’s only natural I get the question: “well what do you believe in?” Especially since I have these countless songs with an undertone of critisizing christianity.

I have to be honest with that one, most of the time it’s just symbology. I know christianity the best, as the myths, legends and references are typical for north western Europe. So it’s an easy target. I know more tolerant, open people in the Swedish church than conservative ones. The “bad” side of church is just representing the parts of society I don’t like. Intolerance. Patriarchy. Fear. More easily put in a song when using the symbology of the religion. So christians out there, much love and respect to you! Am I a christian?

On paper. I was baptized and don’t mind paying tax to preserve our lovely, historical churches. I also went through holy communion. Mostly because I was so eager in my curiosity and wanted to learn!

I think the term I use on my facebook profile is “agnostic witch”. I find it easier to relate to the wiccan ways but I was never a Gardner Girl. I believe in a higher power/energy and find the witchy ways of communicating with them sounds just about right. The different gods and saints in different religions are ways of manifesting your thoughts and calling on the right energies. I have a st cecilia hanging in my music room. Christian (!) saint of music!

Energies you say? So what about “the secret”, the “law of attraction”? Naah, slight beef right there. Some things you want you’re not meant to have and vice versa. And if you read the whole thing through and through you can’t come to any other conclusion than: “bad things are your fault”. An almost deadly way of thinking when suffering from depression. With that logic a 3-year-old manifests cancer in herself. Not bloody likely, or deserved. Not to mention the people who put fendi bags on their dream boards and then end up in credit card debt because they were “meant to have it”.

I do believe that optimism and trying to see the bright lights makes it easier for you to see them. When you have a problem, you can fix it easier because you see the solutions, be it the people or the thing that can help you, and you’re not stuck in bad things/relationships/friendships/situations etc. You can’t go thinking it’s your fault, you made it happen, think happy thoughts. Shit happens. You may have caused it, being human, outside forces may have caused it, but you’ll be alright and it’s not the end of the world. But you are an active part. Not a passive, “wishing” part. Work for it. My biggest wish is, especially for girls, who latch on to LAO more than men because they’ve been taught their whole life that working for it doesn’t help so just wish strongly, that we will all see ourselves as enough. We don’t have to make the universe want it with us, it’s enough that you want it. Take it from someone who’s had both long and short journeys with goals and wants for myself. It’s enough to want it and work for it, in time (and how much time is only your bee’s wax) you will get there. Sometimes my songs are about certain people with a mix of others, but “there’s only you inside this law, attracting friends like fools”  in “Food Chain” is a direct slam and response to this philosophy and posts friends have made from “LAO” and “The Secret” pages.

There’s a native american teaching that you really only turn to nature to find what’s missing or just to feel better. No alcohol, no food, no drugs, no new shirt. Just nature. Sounds simple enough, except mother nature, compared to in the old days, is just a ghost today. Especially in big cities like Gothenburg and Stockholm, where you can only find its artificial counterparts. That is one thing I do like about living where I live. Stressing and working 12 hrs a day, occasionally you need a refill of energy. Today I drove to the most beautiful mist early morning on my way to work (I kept my eyes on the road as I photographed) and on my way home I was joined by a fox for a bit of the way. Just walking right next to me, smiling. By the time I realized “Hey, dafuq? I’m accompanied by a real live forest animal!” the fox started walking back home, but stopped and posed for a photo. Yes, honest to god turned around and everything. That’s the pic you can see down there and I swear it was the oddest feeling, but oh yes, I felt like the energy refill was total.

So what do I believe in? People. Feelings. Energies. Nature. Listening and speaking. And most importantly, I don’t believe I know it all, one way or the other. Agnostic witch.





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