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Slasher, basher and boobs

More proof that the songs are in my head ready and done; basically put a bunch of (much harder) instruments on today for arranging and reference, then put on the actual stuff, the stuff I know, the real frame that’s gonna be on the track, and this time I wasn’t even a beat off anywhere! I do like improvement! 😀

The air puff protection broke in the middle of recordings, so I had to put stretch out my most intact (and therefore my best) pair of pantyhose. At least they’re pink! 😉

Speaking of pantyhose, no, I did not watch Eurovision. Not for the reasons you think, I actually find it quite entertaining even if I love music. But me and bassista had planned another night of thangs to do instead, a while ago. Partly that, partly because Sweden tends to do bad when I watch. And being a superstitious patriot, I had a duty to do something else. Proof; Watched every year, Sweden had the worst streaks and sometimes didn’t make it past the semi-finals. 2012 – It was warm out so I went out with friends and enjoyed sunshine instead. 2013- Watched. Bummer. 2014, didn’t watch… see what I mean? You’re welcome, Sweden! 😉

And lets talk Gothenburg for a minute, Phemme Records and Solanas Cuntz.–da-utrymdes-lokalen/
Feminist band taking their tops of. The arranger knew it was a feminist band, and guy bands do it all the time (I saw Timo Räsinen do it and wish I hadn’t, that boy needs to stop getting high and eat instead), so they should have been prepared, really. In Swedish pubs, law states guests have to wear shirts. So, OK, I get that they stopped them. But not the performers. I myself would like to strip down to a bra occasionally (I think totes nekked boobs would be pretty painful if I want to move around at all and not sit still) because it gets hot as you perform, just like PJ Harvey. But I’m careful. Harvey has the androgynous look down, wafer thin, not much boobs. I… have boobs. So… where’s the line? When is it OK? Should we measure ourselves before we take it off? When does it go from “male” and “OK” to “female” and “Obscene”? Just a food for thought. Couldn’t be more proud though. I know awesome Lottie who plays the guitar, one of my bass players best friends, and she’s handling it beautifully. Says she’s “proud ” and enjoying her “five minutes of B-fame”. Love that girl 😉


My best pair…

Working super hard at rehearsals





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