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Die die, darling

Been able to sit down at work with album stuff finally, there’s been a lot to put together so I’ve had to deal with loads of logistics, e-mails and phone calls. But when I do sit down I can’t really stop, so this sleep thing people do has felt kinda unnecessary šŸ˜‰ Lucky I have mostly evening jobs so there are some late mornings, but it does get kinda crazy when I need to get up at 6 a.m. Couldn’t have done this if spring wasn’t providing light and energy.

The reason I want to do everything over the course of some tough 18 hr shifts is again, the feel I’ve been talking about. The studio feel and letting the songs guide you. I was gonna have that, but due to some epic craziness/weirdness we only have a few proper big studio days in June to record vocals, drums, bass and the orchestral parts. So I’m like “OK, make due”, borrow the instruments I don’t have, and am playing, when able to and can get to a good recording place, so I had to put down melodica before celesta for example. The melodica was just an extra touch, the celesta more the main event, melodica is not my 1st instrument either, so I was a bit worried. Don’t I need the feel? Don’t I need the celesta first? I can add extras, but even the super proffessional savants need the feel to get some good takes.

Turns out I didn’t have to worry. Every part has been playing for so long in my head that it was almost impossible not to play them right, and WITH feel! I added celesta yesterday and turns out, there was only this one place where I was like one beat off, but since I recorded to clicks I could fix it.

There was another instrument I was adding on to the song that just made it to messy when I got hold of the real, more bass-y thing. So I might remove it. Kill your darlings. True to any art form, even if the darling was SUPER COOL!

Anyways, I’ll be more secretive about the other instruments but I was just impressed here that I could actually do this “hear it in my head, add on to empty space” thing, so I had to share it with you! šŸ™‚ Could NOT have done that for the first two albums. I know the key to improvement in music and any art is “just keep doing it, try things, don’t overthink it, and you’ll get better” but it’s nice to know it actually works! šŸ™‚

Anyway, since I mostly record in my underwear except for Animalic recorded mid winter, I can’t really treat you to pics from recording the celesta, but I’ll treat you to some pics I took with the hybrid at the nature preserve! šŸ™‚






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