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Bomb shells on the motherfuckers…

…Is what I just finished programming. Don’t worry, if you’re working on the album, it makes total sense 😉 Putting up framework for the different songs so the recordings go swiftly and easily, even being very good and putting notes on the project for every detail I put in so that everything is easily found later on and nothing gets lost on an external harddrive or just in computer world in general. The degus tried to help me, or rather, they ran all over all the keyboards, but it’s the thought that counts and they got a kiss from me just the same.

As I was going into Sweden’s infamous Systembolaget to get some alcyhol to treat musicians to, some guy walked out of there not watching where he was going and kicked the beggar woman’s – who hangs outside of there regularly- coffee cup to the curb. Coins spilling everywhere. She wasn’t there, I don’t know if she was getting some sleep in the shades or whatever, but she had been kind to me so I figured I’d be kind to her and put her cup in order and put in the coins again. Another person exiting Systembolaget, fully concentrated on talking, shot me a glance and kicked me some coins that were far away, saying something about: “oooh, some beggar woman… mumble mumble”. I think she thought I was the beggar woman. I’m still proud of my thrift shop wardrobe 😉 Anyway, it spoke to me that she wanted to help me, even if it was just kicking the coins in my direction so I could gather them up faster. Doing my shopping, there was a sign up: “If you show ID before we ask for it, you get a present.” Naturally I quickly pulled up my ID: “Where’s my pressie, wheresmypressiiiiie?” I may be 29 and turning 30 soon, but mentally I’m 5 😉 … It was a bracelet with a Swedish word translating Kindness/Concern. Thought that was sorta a sign I was doing the right thing.

Anyway, the pre-work I’m doing is both fun and at the same time I have some second thoughts about it. You know, you want that studio magic to happen. The one where you just ad a bar spontaniously, or a pause somewhere. This makes much more of a frame and it could take it away, but if we’re playing clicks it might also not be impossible to add that change anyway. So probs not bad. Just me wanting to be old fashioned with the big band in the studio. I’ll have one one of these days, mark my words 😉




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