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Stretchy stretchy

After surviving last weeks coffee blitz (ask Robin) the sound is coming together awesomely. While part of me is relieved that I can’t stress out about recordings because of all the daytime jobs, another part of me gets a little scared as we left rehearsals today, and I’ve been up since 5.30, and I sorta went: “Sorry, I can’t really finish a senten…errr…” Silja, though not up quite as early (but nearly), agrees that head can go a bit squishy with only evening rehearsals, so we have some daytime ones scheduled for the calmer days right before.

Mother dearest wants to feed me over the easter weekend as well, she even looked at me on my last visit and started cleaning out her cupboard, which might be needed as food gets a bit lost in all this. T told me “it’s closing in on bobble head when you stress this much” (weight loss where I get so thin my head and feet show their true hugeness), which I know is not quite true yet, but another 7 Ibs weight loss from the 17 I’ve lost already and I will scrounge up some junk food. I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again, I have no interest in thin for the sake of thin.

Easter week is mostly finance and logistics, I’ve arranged the meetings, and I’ll make sure I only sit an odd couple of hours with the other stuff. While I embrace every part of the process, the weeks before ain’t my fav. But yes, still fun. Tiresome, but fun. I’ll never forget I’d rather do this than anything else. Tori Amos had an absolutely hilarious description of the process, talking to her nice fav jeans. Fitting her nicely right around this time 😉 But the new stuff is gonna be great. Count on it no matter what my Calvins tell you. Nothing comes between me and my Calvins? Ah, well, a few cm right now… 😉



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