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Let the record show…

It’s closing in on recording and yes, of course I am nervous. Everyone has album recording jitters. Something’s quite wrong if you don’t, with the exception of the guys and girls recording in their bassment all day everyday. You’ll see if your arrangements worked out, if the musicians could read them, and in this case since I looked them up on musician sites, this’ll be the first time I meet ’em, so I’m gonna have to socialize 😉 And the rehearsals! Man, last year I felt super secure but went tremble tremble tremble as soon as the recording button was hit, leading me to have to record the piano seperately with no pressure.

I’m gonna forget my nerves for a while though, as Ekehagen job is starting and I’m gonna light fires, lots of fires! 😀 Just a little bit of a pyro, so it’s fun 😉 I remember the job interview, when boss asked: “sooo, how many fires have you started in your life” and I was like: “Is she talking metaphorical fires or what…?” and went; “well, a few, hoping I’ll get better and better!”. She was talking real fires. Thank god I figured that out. Nowadays I’m a regular Drew Barrymore. Before the job interview I googled Swedish history, stone age, bronse age, and came to the job interview half an hour early making small talk about it. Fake it ’til you make it. Still think I got the job because of my honesty. “What makes you uncomfortable?” “Job interviews”… “Ha ha, I can understand that!” Anyway. Self proclaimed expert and love the job today. New haircut for every year I’ve worked there I think 😉

Still have to take some time out to bake before recordings though. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about a comfortable team of musicians and such at recording it’s: lots of sugar. Lots of coffee. Lots of booze. Since a lot of the musicians don’t have driver’s licenses I’m gonna have to drive, and I’m gonna have to be sober, but they don’t have to be. If there’s anything alcoholic left over I might have some in the end, but I’m still a better musician when completely non-sauced. Last time I could have some whiskey, as I was a bit ill, needed to clear my voice, and all the musicians could get to the studio by themselves (my age or older with licenses) but I don’t mind. It’s all good, I’m completely concentrated on tha music.

Exciting times, only a few more rehearsals! Will probably take some of Robin (drummers) samples home with me everyday and twist ’em like I did on “Factory Floors”, it’s one of the tech things I love doing myself! Exciting and nerve-wrecking.




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