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This weeks singing lesson

From your very own crazy self proclaimed voice teacher! 😉 I find it funny doing a post like this when I’ve only held like 5 lessons, but as I’ve said before, I’m crazy good at research and learn quickly.

Lana Del Rey… oh… yeah, I think most people have opinions if they’ve had a little listen. Haunting, cookie, weird, out there, angel, not-much-what-is-all-the-fuss-about, brilliant, different. I can see why any one of these things would pop up in your head, my own opinions aside.

My own opinion; there sure are some haunting melodies that get stuck in my head. I have a problem with the self deprecation in the lyrics. All about the guy, all about almost being his trophy, how nothing is worth anything without that person. Beautiful some might say, I just don’t like the way she puts it in the lyrics. I would like to see more of her. Her favourite perfume, if his dick tastes like pepsi cola, at least what kind of perfume she likes on him, you know… 😉 And when I’ve heard one song it’s like I’ve heard them all. Haunts me the first time, not the second and third. That sorta thing.

My current beef is as a voice coach, coming with her statement: “I have had no plastic surgery whatsoever, I just sing with pouty lips”. The beef is not with the plastic surgery or the obvious lie about having it. I can’t blame or shame anyone in this day and age for getting plastic surgery or lying about it. There are souch double standards and weird norms in any society when it comes to beauty. You’re supposed to look perfect yet you should be ashamed if you are not naturally born with it. And lets face it, she did it to create a new persona and image, a new career, and a much more successful one than the one of Liz Garret (her birth name and first attempt at music).

But I gave my singing students: “Video Games” this week for one good reason. I first had to tell them: “God, no, don’t sing it with pouty lips, that’s not the way to do it.” Because your vocal chords are not really your throat, even though it feels like it. They are in line with the throat, but go horizontally up and in line with your jaw. The sound comes out of the throat, that’s about it, leaving your tounge position very important. So when you pout your lips singing, you strain them and can even damage them. Foooo on you Lana for encouraging this! 😛

The key to her relatively strong voice and sounding like a half drunk cigarette smoking fifteen year old is holding your jaw as still as possible, letting your throat let out the tone without the tounge in the way and shaping the words simply by relaxing everything. The key is put simply: novocaine jaw. I demonstrated to the students, first singing pouty, then singing novocaine jaw. They agreed it was eerily more like Lana when I hardly moved the bottom bite. It’s a good excersize for later singing, just understanding the relaxing of the throat.  And that’s why I gave them that homework for a week. Not to make them all mini-Reys going on with half drunk singing, but just practising holding it still and where the tounge should be. That’s your biggest crook when it comes to not hitting a high note strongly. You tense up and the tounge gets in the way. So one week of Novocaine jaw is probably a good lesson.

Miss Rey, with all do respect, don’t go saying those things! Big beef, biiiig beef! // a five-week-therefore-expert-voice-coach! 😉




I’m all natural, me! 😉


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