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Superstition and living windshield wipers

I can’t eat a ginger bread cookie without trying to break it in three first. For those of you who don’t know, when you knock on it and it splits into three it means you get a wish, at least according to Swedish tradition. I can’t place keys on a table and I throw salt over my shoulder for luck (hence me being unusually organized for an artist and hoovering at least once a week 😉 )

When we drove to rehearsals for the new stuff today the need to change my windshield wipers became painfully obvious as parts of it was flapping shredded in the wind. But closing in to Lidköping, listening to Rufus Wainwright (he makes me feel strange things and nostalgia for places I haven’t even been, he’s magic) they flapped in perfect harmony and rythm with the music. And I was like: “Oooh, I can’t replace it now, he/she has musicality!” And that’s what I do. I name all my major big tech stuff and little stuff. I felt sorry for my tea kettle when it screamed on the stove and sorry when the whistle broke and he/she couldn’t express hear heated agony any more. Throwing it in the trash was a challenge.

I do realize this causes you problems, giving life to inanimate objects. And in the brain, I know they’re not alive. But in my heart, in the special songwriting place I go, they… sorta… are… And when you think about it, it does good things. It makes me more careful with them, more prone to fixing them rather than the “buy ‘n’ throw” mentality we have today. Don’t get me wrong. When it needs to be chucked, it’s chucked. I’m not a hoarder. But when it needs to get fixed, it also gets fixed.

And the songwriting part of me thrives with this. Do you know how many analogies you can come up with when you think of a tea kettle screaming because it’s gotten too hot? Do you know how strong the symbology gets when you settle in superstition for a minute? Again, me brain not stupid in. But a stupid heart is pretty awesome. It breaks easily, true, but it heals and grows much faster too. You need that non-stupid brain to collaborate with that, though, I’m not gonna lie. When Screamy mc non-Scream kettle had done his thing he needed to be chucked, and by then my senses had told me it was just a broken tea kettle. My bass player, Silja, drew a bunny in the snow on my balcony table while Sweden was still covered in white. We talked about it being one of Lenka’s (my bunny and on the cover of Animalic) buds and how she would maybe fall in love with him. Then he melted away and we both made a sad face. But a line like “bunny’s buddy melts away, he says my love I couldn’t stay” is just golden in a poem or a song.

So I’m keeping this quality of mine. Watch out. You never know which one is gonna be about the windshield wiper. And oh yeah, it’s still getting chucked. Rufus lover or no, I need you to do your job, dude 😉



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