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More rehearsals

We’re just fitting them in whenever we can now. We are all very focused and want to do the best job we can, so any time off is rehearsal time. We developed the drums a little more today, and the bass. Suprisingly, I played the piano/key parts just as I did on the demos, so I didn’t have to work on that too much. There was a time when I had to, I worked really hard on the demos and tried to get small doozies and stuff to make an effect, and five months later, I had to listen to them intently again to be able to do them. But as you develop with your instrument, that’s not needed as much. You’d think I’d always be able to do them from day one since I wrote them but let me tell you, that is no guarantee. Though I get surprised outbursts when I play live: “You can really play like that!” and my reply is “honey, who do you think wrote it?” it’s only the last few years that I can back that boasting up. So if you recognize yourself in this: believe me, the more you play, the better you get. Sounds obvious but isn’t always.

I am very fortunate to work with the musicians I work with. Having listened intently to music, others and my own, I feel almost confident in fields like trumpet, flute, strings, and of course keyboards. Even the bass. But drums? Oh baby. While I instruct Silja in “eights and climbs” and sing her notes I instruct Robin in: “eeer, a little more ducka duck tish, a little less garunk tiiish”. Not that I don’t have a clear image of what I want. Not that I don’t hear it in my head. Not that I haven’t done my research and know all the different parts of a drum kit and the names. It just doesn’t translate from my head that way. It’s almost comical.

I’ve had the same problem with guitar. The guitarist on Animalic looked like he wanted to slap me when my only instructions were: “Baywatch guitar… er… like a melody, like a shrimp (a sorta description of guitar playing in Swedish but very loose and open to interpretation). Someone once told me: “If you gave me those instructions I’d slap you”, but fortunately, musician on musician violence is illegal in Sweden, in spite of some old laws 😉 … But if some could!… oh yeah…  We got through it. After all, one of the ABBAs is able to write symphonies without being able to write or read a single note.

I am learning as I go. In the meantime it’s good to have someone in tune with your head, getting your music and just knowing your instructions and your language. And musicians talking pets (we all have them) during coffee breaks and seals on the run in Borås (you’re gonna have to ask me ;D). One day I’ll probably just get up there and give every expert the right lingo. In the meantime, I’m happy working with experts who get mine…Image
How the not-in-tune-musicians probably view me…


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