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Rehearsals for 2014

They are on the go! 😀

We met up yesterday, quite a day. Morning offered something quite different, so going “rock star” in the evening was both needed and strange.

Rehearsals for march 8th, but also forming the intentions of the new album. Quite a ride. We are under more time pressure this time for different reasons, but personally I am pretty used to mixing the extra work (non-music) with music, using every quiet and free moment to do the music stuff and read up. Not saying I wouldn’t wanna do music full time. I’d love to tour extensively like Tori Amos. But hard work has never been an obstacle. Stress isn’t a factor in that way, many call me “Prozac girl” because I am so calm no matter what I do. I do admit, the non-music work suffers, but I am lucky to have people and bosses in my life that accept that. Of course I wanna do it all good, but if something suffers, it’s the non-music part, and I have that opportunity. If I didn’t, I might be more stressed out, but hell to the no on making less music. It grounds and centers me.

I have previously mentioned that I have by my own accord taken less other-work and more music work, not making as much money. I do realize that you can’t go “screw it all for my dream” and I haven’t cut down so much I can’t live. It’s a little less clothes shopping, a little more food and music. It just feeds me more. It’s a balance and I know it’s not always possible. But if and when, to the extent you can, do the work you love instead of consuming more. It’s always gonna make you feel more peaceful at the end of the month.



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