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The new gig

I started doing both singing and piano lessons this year and so far, so good 🙂 I was a bit apprehensive at first since I did take singing lessons as young (or teenager, I’m still pretty young ;D), but the voice has sort of just developed on its own the past 10 years and while I master a lot of techniques and have a good strong range, I have no idea how I do what I do. I can even do the occasional growl, activate three voices at the same time, and I have awesome fun doing the “Joni Mitchell chest voice/ head voice break”. I just don’t know how I do it. “Errr, I have a whiskey shot and then I sing?”

But after researching exercizes and the voice I was actually giving the students “aha” moments from day one, something you always strive for as a teacher. And having fun doing it, because when it’s something personal, a biological instrument like the voice, and it’s notably improving, the students faces really light up. And guess what? Some of my stuff comes easier after trying the exercizes, so watch out, there might be some Christina Aguilera wailing on the next album!!

Faces lit up even more this week, as I braught them the homework. Being who I am, I bet it comes as no surprise that I love Frozen. Hands down the best animated Disney yet. Fantastic story, music, and of course the female portraits! So I thought: “I’ll sneak some empowering in here, I’ll give them ‘Let it go’. A few hadn’t seen it, but thought the song seemed exciting anyway, but the ones who had seen it! Oh boy, the reactions! And I love that young girls are embracing the film too, I think that’s very encouraging. I went to get the sheet music, said: “Have you seen Frozen?” and the ones who had went: “Ahhh ohhhh, yeaaaah, ooooh, please tell me it’s Le…” “Here you go” I handed them “Let it Go”… : “YEEEEESSS!!”

I swear, I had three of those exact reactions. Really looking forward to the energy next week! 🙂

Recommend Frozen in everyway. It’s not just pretty damn feministic, it’s also cute, funny, wonderful and with a story and music to match!

Posting some of the Universeum photos below. The best ones were the fence and glass less ones, but I did get a good one of a depressed poisonous frog that I’m keeping to myself cause he looks so sad I might depress you 😉 The shark tank is brill, tho!






November 1st, 2013 @ 20:51:56
Frozen pic from rotoscopers


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