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Happy Imbolc!

2:nd of february, where winter starts to lift, and with the thawing these few days I think that might be true! 🙂

Started my saturday very non-musician like, got up at 8 a.m (whaaa, there’s an 8 a.m saturday?), loaded up with coffee and got driving on a messy, slushy road. Found a parking in mid Gothenburg (a miracle in itself) and waited for Silja and her non-synced trams. Just assumed I’d be the late one because I was taking the car so that’s why I left so early. The irony.

Anyway, our errand was being big kids at Universeum! Oooh, how I love the splashing animals, tiny monkeys and fell especially in love with the tucan with the michael jackson hair who was posing happily. And the skäggdopping of course, looks like the new one is gonna be just as social as awesome late, great Glufse. Great veggie alternatives in the cafe. For two big kids, this was awesome! We walked out with toys from the shop, of course. I got a mini-slinky and a spaceman magnifying glass. Took some awesome photos with the proper camera I might put up later, really purrdy 🙂

Night with the wife meant drinking game; swipe the drink when there’s a key change in Melodifestivalen. We got pretty hammered…

Also got some pressies from Almira and baby Theo. Almira gave me a beautiful, glittery corset from Victoria’s secret which I will treasure always, although I can’t for the life of me figure out how I’m gonna put it on 😉 Maybe there’s a reason women gave them up 200 yrs ago…

Today was all about gathering the strength from the fun I’ve had and refill the motivation. See, it doesn’t always have to be super special, 500 miles from you and luxurious. Artists need to live a lot to gather inspiration but as long as you love it, it can be happening in the backyard. Happy Imbolc and let the light in! 🙂




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