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Gig coming up!

I wouldn’t be me without playing march 8th, international women’s day. I’m really looking forward to it as it’s my kind of audience (duh) and I’ll hopefully have my musicians with me this time. We gonna rock you! 😉 It’s an event that they hold in Skövde house of culture, just there you know that people are gonna show up. I remember last year and there was a lorra love in the air. I stayed for the duration of activities, among them some women from Somalia demonstrating a national women’s dance of their country. It doesn’t always get appreciated in today’s divided Sweden (though I always appreciate it) but this was the day and this was the audience and we all clapped along and I remember it as such a good day. I’m thinking this year is gonna be something similar, I certainly think so!

Otherwise I am working on the new album. Work name was “Letters from Scarlet”, a play on the scarlet letter, but in order to not make it too much like Tori Amos Scarlet’s walk I’ve shortened the name to Scarletters, one word. With this it can also refer to scars, something we all collect during the course of our life. And teams up perfectly with a tattoo of mine; “lux in tenebris lucet”, forever on my arm, a scar of letters of sorts. It means “light shines in darkness” so it’s positive. No matter how dark it gets there’s always a flash of light, most visible when you’re at your most vulnerable. And I’m making it a popera. I’m hoping I’ll coin that phrase. Not a rock opera, but a pop opera. A popera. Because it’s a recall of Scarlett’s life and her story. Mine is mixed in there. Just not as obvious. Because it is from that world of mine with stories where I go that is not quite reality, not quite fantasy.

I made some string quartet scores today and let me tell you; that detail is booooring! We all love our babies. That is not to say we love going through every part of their anatomy. I had to listen intently to every instrument in the string quartet because… I didn’t save the score. I had to make a new one. Aaaah 😉 Don’t get me wrong. I’m good at tha shite and I can do it easily, but spending two hours of my evening doing it and not listening to the whole track and the instruments playing with all the other ones and the singing is still not fun.

I think of the end results. I guess that’s what we all have to do. “I’m doing this now so in the end, things will be awesome.” Please, singers and artists and musicians, always tell me about the excitement of the end results, mixed in with “god, it’s so much stress and work”. Because that’s when I, and I think every other music lover out there, wants to listen. Because there’s always work and stress. But there’s also that beautiful finished baby of yours. Don’t forget that.


Tedious but hopefully awesome…


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