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A quiet moment of book keeping

Me: “Ahhhhh, a quiet moment before work to do some company book keeping. I’ll just take my pretty binder here and sit down in my rocking chair.”
Degu 1: “What what what?! You’re sitting down in this thing? Awesome! Looks comfortable. I should do it too, right in the middle of the seat!”
Me, picking up degu 1; “Oh no, little man, I’m gonna sit here now, there you go, I’ll just put you down over here so I don’t sit on you!”
Degus 2: ” She picked you up and away from there! That must mean I get to sit there instead!”
Me, picking up Degu 2; “There we go! Peace and quiet! Let’s see, open the binder… AAAAAH!”
Surprised shriek from me as I see a litte head peeking out from inbetween the armrest and the seat.
Degu 1: “Whatcha doooing?” Degu 2, on the other side; “Yeah, whaaaatcha doing? What’s that, is it edible?”
Me: “Stop chewing on my book keeping!”
Degu 1: “So, not edible… but OH! You can crawl right over it!! Big, square… shiny… must mean it’s a toilet. I’ll just do my business here then!”
Me: “Aaaaaaaargh!! Euuuuuugh!”
Degu 1: “Did you hear that? Human cheered on me loud and clear! Must mean I did a great job!”
Degu 2: “Awesome! I’ll do it too, then!”

Small company owner and small animal owner. A harder combo than you would think 😉


Still love you, little dudes. Even though you have to chew on absolutely everything 😉


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