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We should hug more!

Hugging releases hormones that are essential to our wellbeing. 12 hugs a day minimum to release the substances that make us well-functioning. It’s OK if it’s a pet or your hugging yourself, as well as other people, so get to the hugging right now! The same substances are released when you sing, even when you sing badly, which is why I never back down from a Singstar battle! 😉 I’m quite rubbish at the game actually, except when there’s rapping. I kicked ass the other day with Macklemore. Scary.

The reason I’m going hippie-lets-hug on you today is that I had one last lesson with a piano student and as we said goodbye, I reached my hand out. After all, a teacher can’t be careful enough about harassement suits 😉 But she gave me a big hug instead. I held it as an only lesson that day, and I think she was flattered. Sure enough, there’s no money in holding one lesson in a day. But at the same time as I wanna represent my job and the employers in a good way, making the rumour spread, I also believe in these things paying back in some other way. You know, the random acts of kindness, coming back to you tenfold and so on. And I do enjoy teaching piano. And a happy face and a hug is actually very satisfying! You can’t pay the rent with them but every once in a while, you need that warm and fuzzy as much as you need the rent money 😉

I’m not saying be on your knees to make everyone happy. That ‘s a sure way to fail because you always piss someone off 😉 I’m saying be selfish every once in a while and indulge in the giving thang. It’s as much for you as it is for the other person. Who knows, you might fill your hug quota for the day! 😀

note:today is actually international hug day I’ve now been told. I hit it right on the money here! 🙂

Below: pic of Silja and me after she’s kicked my ass in Singstar (not the rapping, though!!) and a baby hippo suckling a nose that needs no motivation




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