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Music work day

An entire one! I love it when they are for the duration of the day 🙂 See, this is why we all want to be able to live on our art. Not because we are lazy and good at creating, but because it is super awesome to do it the entire day 😉 That’s how you’re supposed to feel about something. I realize it’s not always possible with work, but for work/relationships/friendships/other fields of life I really like a Sex and the city quote (I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but it’s awesome and applicable to everything); Charlotte, when asked if she’s really happy all the time in her marriage “Not all day everyday, but most of the time, yeah, really happy”. That’s what music stuff does to me! I love a music work day! 😀

First a soup lunch with other entrepeneurs, arranged by Music Factory and Rådhuset. I never know with these things, what kinda people are coming, are they my age n’ stuff, but this one was a good mix and I really felt comfortable. Plus they arranged vegetarian food from Connys kalaskök, a place that NEVER serves veggie meals 🙂

Then giving piano lessons, I think even talking one of my students out of a funk. 🙂

And when I got home I did some re-listens and chord maps of old demo songs. You might know why in time 😉

Well, for no reason here’s Apu… I mean a rubber duck with a foam beard and foam hat. For which you need no reason to show a pic.



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