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Animalic’s start of 2014

The last special events of Animalic are starting off 2014 (it is from the end of 2012, so a little more than a year with releases and events are in order) as I’ve said earlier, with a bit of change of dates. The Ponies video might be up tomorrow, if not at the start of next week. The digital release date for the album is january 9th, thursday, on a Universal distribution affiliate. Remember that part of the proceeds go to animal rights, and more so if you buy the whole album at once.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this in the blog, and if I did it was more than a year ago so repetition can’t hurt. The name Animalic didn’t come easily. I planned this EP even as I was planning the debut album Bloody Mary, always under the work name “The Animal EP”. I was always going to change it but couldn’t find a good name. I like symbolism, at least in my art, it enables me to speak freely and for others to interpret it any way that they want. Me being down and a nature child, all naked like I was created, with my animals as they were created, on the cover? Or simply a happy nudist? Trying to sell more albums? Encouraging girls and women with a body that isn’t stick thin? You decide. For me it was the first alternative, it doesn’t have to be for you. Using animals in the names of the songs symbolized different things in themselves. How? I can tell you if you ask. I’m not gonna mess it up by saying something officially.

So I was looking through all this stuff on the internet, looking for something that would sorta tell people the theme of the album and still have a meaning tying into the work as well. There were a lot of things starting with Animal or something similar, but problem was, some other band or artist was often already using it, either as a name, song, or album. I mean, it’s not verboten per se to use a name already used somewhere else, but you have to be careful (and I like being super-original of course :P). Some musician friends of mine used an album name apparently already used on both several albums and songs, but not since like the 70’s. They had a title song with the name and they just thought it apt and what they wanted to use for their work at the time. I saw many discussions where these music lovers and nitpickers were very critical, and the guys had to defend themselves a lot. Don’t get me wrong, these boys can speak for themselves, but it’s no fun when you have to defend something like this that you are proud of. It happens, but if you feel you can avoid it and still be just as happy with what you’ve done, you try to. Of course sometimes it’s the other way around, you have a really original idea and some artist/band with an already steady career and a big name might nick it from you. Frustrating, and I’ve seen it a few times, you can rarely make a case. So, Lady Gaga, enjoy the success of your song Bloody Mary πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I started making up words and google them, maybe there were these rare instances of the word I took a stab in the dark with, with a symbol I could use? I had a hit with Animalic. Tolkien’s name flashed before me. At first I was sceptical. I barely made it through the LOTR books, and I was in pain the whole time. I liked Bilbo. His children’s book… BTW, what’s up with making 3 films from THAT? Anyway, I read on, and it was a language made up by Tolkien’s younger twin cousins, Mary and Marjorie, replacing words with animal names. Perfect! Given that it also sparked the young Tolkien’s interest in creating own languages, going on to be quite successful with that hobby πŸ˜‰ it also symbolized we are not geniouses alone. We can get ideas from anything, men from women, women from men, grown people from little girls and boys. Me from the life events that inspired the album… Often Tolkien and similar men are referred to as geniouses without help from anyone, and it just isn’t true. Tolkien possesses a talent, yes, but it’s not all from his (in popular belief) isolated brilliant mind. Even when women were held back they had great ideas, same as any gender at any age. Yeah, a bit of feminism in there, it wouldn’t be me otherwise, would it? πŸ˜‰

Women also watch movies like Fight Club, feels Norton’s character’s frustration and would love a club like that of their own. More to come on that in a few days. Ooooh πŸ˜‰

By the way, which pose do you think is the most dignified and poised for two musicians? I’d say the first one, right?

Note : I have also learned that Animalic is a perfume but until I come up with something clever about music speaking to all senses I shall ignore it πŸ˜‰

1. Rocking in the new yearΒ  2. Skara fireworks


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