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Speaking of nostalgia…

Listening to this collection I got as a teenager, called Platinum Christmas, and it’s full of those 90’s groups we all love; Steps, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync… well… There’s also Whitney Houston and TLC. And it just strikes you that two of the contributors are gone, and you never would’ve figured back then. Just goes to show you never really know.

Whitney Houston, at that time, looked quite healthy and released My love is your Love and I’ts not right, but it’s OK. She was really successful and you’d never know what’d happen in years to come.

Lisa Left-Eye Lopes revolutionized female hip hop as one of the first women (along with Queen Latifah and Salt n’ Peppa) that showed us that women can rap. Not only that, her skills in vocalizing rhymes at superspeed were and still are unprecedented. As a kid, I loved TLC, and her rhymes (for Waterfalls and No Scrubs) took me a week to learn, practicing everyday. And I lost the ability to do them in that speed just as quickly if I didn’t keep doing it every day after that. There was NO warning of her death whatsoever, unlike Houston’s, because she was driving to adopt a son in South America and got in a car crash. Talk about extra heartbreaking.

So keep those cheesy collections. You never know when they’re gonna be worth something, or just extra special. And I’m not just being morbid and talking death now. Next year Chris Martin may join Hare Krishna (hey, you never know) and that Christmas Light song was one of Coldplay’s last seasonal recordings.




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