Happy 2014!

I’ve mostly been spending the end of this year taking it easy, and honestly, I’ve needed it. Working about 200 h every month (music and my extrawork as I call it) having 10 days off means 10 days OFF. Bringing you new stuff and new energy in 2014, that’s a garantuee! 🙂 In the meantime, the closest I get to work is hanging and chilling with my bass player 😉


Choose Now

Right around christmas there are some who feel the most sad/lonely or stressed out. This one is for them. The “me” in “hide me” is any little thing that makes you feel better, whether you’re surrounded by friends or not, and still need this little thing that is just yours to make you feel better. With a shameful attempt at harp and a big dose of living in the now.

Fun facts: I lose my breath second chorus, but as I prepared to do it again and listened to the take I realized it wasn’t totally inapt with the whisper 🙂


News for 2014

Well, there are a few. Animalic will finally go digital at the beginning of January (7th), and the Ponies video will come up at January 4th with the excellent help of the girls from Katedralskolan and of course my band.

I’ll probs finish a song about living in the now before new years, with my little Regnbågen harp on it. I’ve never used it before so I’m nervous, but loadsa practice will hopefully have paid off 😉 It sounds good by my ears anyway. So watch out, 2014, here I come 😉

Speaking of nostalgia…

Listening to this collection I got as a teenager, called Platinum Christmas, and it’s full of those 90’s groups we all love; Steps, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync… well… There’s also Whitney Houston and TLC. And it just strikes you that two of the contributors are gone, and you never would’ve figured back then. Just goes to show you never really know.

Whitney Houston, at that time, looked quite healthy and released My love is your Love and I’ts not right, but it’s OK. She was really successful and you’d never know what’d happen in years to come.

Lisa Left-Eye Lopes revolutionized female hip hop as one of the first women (along with Queen Latifah and Salt n’ Peppa) that showed us that women can rap. Not only that, her skills in vocalizing rhymes at superspeed were and still are unprecedented. As a kid, I loved TLC, and her rhymes (for Waterfalls and No Scrubs) took me a week to learn, practicing everyday. And I lost the ability to do them in that speed just as quickly if I didn’t keep doing it every day after that. There was NO warning of her death whatsoever, unlike Houston’s, because she was driving to adopt a son in South America and got in a car crash. Talk about extra heartbreaking.

So keep those cheesy collections. You never know when they’re gonna be worth something, or just extra special. And I’m not just being morbid and talking death now. Next year Chris Martin may join Hare Krishna (hey, you never know) and that Christmas Light song was one of Coldplay’s last seasonal recordings.



Inspirational nostalgia

It’s been one of those years for me. I think it started with a big part of my childhood saying farewell to this world, my grandpa, and all of a sudden I’m in possession of all these things that I played with and admired at a distance growing up. The Tandberg, the octave harmonica, the violins, both the homemade and the ones he used to play on recordings with Västgöta Spelemän (bragging granddaughter, you betcha), the big and small chess board and the books, oooh, the old books, and all the analogue cameras and the poems and paintings and other wonderful thing-a-ma-bobs. I am grateful for them, but since it hasn’t even been a year I think I’m very nostalgic and feel this pang when I look at them too.

But it’s been good for me. It’s inspired me, remembering this whole other world I lived in when I was little. Reading the Narnia books, I’d walk into my closet, and just sit by the wall for a while. When I closed my eyes I could almost smell the snow and the pines on the other side, and feel the light from the lamp post just standing there by the spare-oom lighting up the trees and the professor’s fur coats. The only thing that comes close today to giving me that feeling is Neil Gaiman and JK Rowling, writing for us adults who wanna dream as much as they write for kids. Otherwise I have to invent this other world myself. Sometimes you need a little reminder of where that imagination comes from.

And that’s why I performed as my twisted Dorothy Gale. I think a few people got it when I opened with an a capella “somewhere over the rainbow” and clicketiclacked my red heels together. I grew up with the Wizard of Oz and just loved it to bits, eating my burnt popcorn and hugging my white teddy named Iso (scary, eh, Annelie?).I also think that’s why I had my little Queen month. I loved them when I was little, and renewing that love made me discover things I was too young to discover before.

Bills are a reality. Book keeping and building your home and business is a reality. Expensive car payments are CERTAINLY an unpleasant reality. But so is your imagination, and the things that give you joy, wether they are in your head or not. Remember, just because it’s all happening in your head, that doesn’t make it any less real (Dumbledore). And you need it just as much as you need to do those other things. I think a bit of nostalgia is healthy, just to remind you of what you loved and what you can love. You can’t live in the past. But you can visit from time to timeImage

Live videos

Live videos

I have some other posts prepared for you next week, after my trip to the christmas markets in Germany 🙂 But I thought it rude to leave you with nothing since November, so here’s a live video to Mad World, the Gary Jules AND Tears for Fears interpretation (the structure is more T f F). During the day there’ll be live vids from Krikelin coming up as they are uploading, so check out http://www.youtube.com/mariabohm