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Teaser for the video

I knew going into it that someone doing regularly the things I portray in it would have super muscles, so it’d have to be me me with at least some kind of super muscle. I had a workout routine for about five weeks of 2-3 hours a day, 6 days a week. 40-60 min walk, 40-60 minutes on the bike and 40-60 concentrating on muscle. I monitored what I was doing thouroughly, took pictures and for once got up on the scale to see what happened there.

Because I was eating quite a lot more, albeit boring foods and proteines, especially the last week, the weight gain was about 3-4 kgs (8-10 Ibs). The video itself was quite physically taxing to film, so I’m glad I’d gained the strength just considering that. Anyway, I took a lot of before and afters, so you can see the result below. I did gain the weight I just claimed I did, this just goes to show that muscles can be extremely hard, heavy and compact.

I would like to add that I in no way prefer one body to the other, the left one is just as beatiful as the right one, but it is a teaser to illustrate the work behind the video and how awesome it will be without giving you a peek of the video itself 😉Image


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