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Whoah, and some body image

I don’t think I’ve gone this long without an update before? Well, there are good reasons. They don’t tell you this when you chase the rock n roll dreams of signing boobs but there’s a lot of e-mailing, co-ordinating and just arranging before anything actually happens!

This has been one of those months. We have a gig coming up that I’ve hinted to, but also other projects.

I’ve got this one thing coming up that’s gonna be a surprise, but I can only tell you I’ve been working my butt off for it. It’s going down this weekend and I’ve been muscling and bulking up for it for about a month, gaining 3 kgs on an already curvy frame.

I know most of you get it, but there will come this occasional person who, bless his or her heart, doesn’t.

When I make a video or a project, I work out, but I don’t diet other than maybe skipping the odd bag of crisps. Because when I was a size 32-34 (6-8 british, 2-4 american) I was very unwell. I was either anorexic or depressed, and my vitals (blood pressure, vitamins, pulse, iron, you name it) were the understatement of bad. It’s now, at 38/40 (12-14, 8-10)that I have physical and mental health and a thumbs up from any medical professional and I’m not gonna screw that up.

I will, however, work within that frame I’ve got. I will eat healthier to get naked on a cover, I will lift weights and refresh my Krav Maga skills for this project I’m working on now. So I quickly got another cold in the midst of this 5-week workout/lifting? Take it easy and do it lightly as long as I’ve got no fever. The first point is to play a part. The second to try something new and see if I like it. The most important point is to not seriously risk my health cause I’ve got a good one.

Again, I know those of you who get it get it, and those of you who don’t don’t and will probably have a poor, less creative life for it, but I might reach some of you. I’m not interested in working within the patriarchal, constrictive frame. The frame that means getting in shape for a role/gig is always equal to getting thinner and more lean when you’re a woman. I’m interested in all the aspects, maybe I get thinner, maybe I get bigger, but I ‘m working my portrayal from my abilities. I’m fascinated with transforming, regardless of gender and predispodition. The things human beings can achieve and what you do creatively, FOR your creativity.

So I’ve got two days left. I know I researched and worked it as well as I can ( and will for the remaining two days) to give a realistic portrayal. Those of you who get it will get it, right?

And as usual, those of you who don’t; I wish you all the best no matter! 🙂


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