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Crackled chairs and fresh air

Welliwell, autumn really is here. I braught in a leaf from a very cold outside the other day to try out my London Natural History Museum pocket microscope (say that 10 times fast). For some reason a dead leaf really sparkles close up. Weird and beautiful.

Regardless of season, the music doesn’t stop. This is more a time of music videos, recording, reference listening and reading, more than live performances. If you’re not getting much daylight anyway you might as well turn on the spotlights inside. That’s not to say gigs are a no-no.

In fact, we rehearsed for one yesterday. Here you have the importance of keeping your gig bag as is. I just assumed mine was packed and ready to go, as usual, but got to the purrdy rehearsal room and discovered… no power adapter! “So? Just get another one, should be loads in rehearsal rooms, right?” Yes. But it’s extremely important that it’s the right voltage and also the right charge. (+ to – or the other way around). So we had to go to another rehearsal room close by and do our thing there. The room stank of sweat, the keyboard had no sustain pedal, you couldn’t change sounds on it and occasionally, when you hit a key it would give out this weird synth pad sound. Cymbals were totally cracked. The only decent thing was the bass amp, even that was a bit off and at times Silja couldn’t hear a thing.

We were supposed to rehearse a few sounds we hadn’t rehearsed in a while. So it was really like “aaaah, good luck, us”. Butcha know what? We rocked it. We got in the flow and started moving the way we do, and totally pretended everything was sounding fantastic. Rehearsals for a show are often just about getting in the groove again, doing your things, the musicians doing their things in combination with yours. An improved sound? That’s often for the one or the few last rehearsals, you know your thing, now let’s develop it. Let’s make it sound even better with this effect or this mix or me doing this on the piano/voice in combo with what I’m already doing.

The most fun was the broken chair though. It looked like someone had chewed on it, it had a big crack going through the middle and it bulged. I felt big and mighty. I’ve never made a chair bulge before! ;D


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