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Working with a great person

When you think me and Elisa, you’re not thinking “likely to cross paths, what a pairing”, do you? Not just because of the “national celebrity vs not national celebrity” factor but because of the genres. But we have!

I do try to steer away from the name dropping and let my music speak for itself, I have these feelings about riding on someone else’s name, I never want to. But seeing Elisa Lindström on Körslaget just inspired me to do this post. Simply because of the person she is.

What you see on Körslaget is this bubbly, happy person commited to the music and the people doing it. And I’m here to tell you that’s exactly how she is. People of all ages inspire me, and honestly, yes, she’s a lot younger than me and she’s one of them. So I watch Körslaget and anything she’s on.

In September 2010, I was trying to get this all female album together, you know… my debut album Bloody Mary… And I had the short, sort of even a filler song, “Ragedi Ann” going (it turned out to be more than a filler). And I needed trumpet. I looked high and low, on the music program in Skara and all around. Coming up short. Jeez, there has to be a female doing the trumpet brilliantly? I asked Katarina Hamilton, an artist not afraid of talking (which I was at the time), “can you find me someone? Please?” And she searched her contacts and said: “There’s this girl in Töreboda who knows what she’s doing according to one of my contacts. You really want her. Here’s the number”. And all I heard was honestly “girl brilliant at the trumpet”. Super shy, I dialed the number and she was up for it. We arranged for me to come and get her, and super nervous as I was (I was working away my social phobia bit by bit at the time) I started talking jibberish as soon as I saw her (about the GPS and how weird it was). And she just reached out her hand and said “hi, nice to meet you” and calmed me down.

We had our little chats on the way back and forth from Töreboda, and I’m not gonna drop my “conversations with the celeb”, but we could get into serious conversations and music conversations easily, with a breezy mood even if I was again, super nervous about meeting this new person. And we got to the home studio, and me handling the recording equipment, I sat just below her big trumpet out of necessity getting the trumpet in my ear and we just laughed about it. Maddox, my beloved degu god rest his soul, messed up a lot of the takes and we laughed about that too. Never once did she make me feel odd. She even played me her dansband (Swedish music genre, hard to translate) demos for Dansbandskampen (which they went on to win big time later that year, no surprise there). And I just wen’t: “Oh, wow, not a dansband-person but this is lovely, I’d listen to this regardless!” and she just smiled and said: “That’s the general opinion, I’ve heard it from several people, so nice to hear!” and it was just so honest. And we talked about my music and how it wasn’t her genre, but it’s exciting to try new things and she did love playing the trumpet. And I just loved that. Loving your instrument and loving your thing and new experiences.

She was just a lovely, happy, smiley person to work with without it being shallow. And she was very generous about her music contacts, offering to hook me up if I ever needed it. A person she’s just met! I find that fantastic. I haven’t taken her up on it yet, because I haven’t really figured out when and where I should do it given my music is “albums, tours and live shows” if I reach Tori Amos (my genre) type of fame, and no red carpet, but if I do, I will!

Skaraborg being small, your bound to meet people who have worked with the same person as you. And as I meet people who have worked with Elisa, I do chat and say “yeah, I had her on an album, and I’d love to have her on one again. I love trumpet and she’s brilliant. I was just so lucky to catch her when she wasn’t busy” and they say: “And that would be the only obstacle for her too. That she’s busy. Not that she’s ‘too famous’. She loves music and trumpet, she’d do it if she wasn’t busy”, and I’m like: “Yeah, it was only this one time, but that’s my impression too”.

You meet people who inspire you, young and old, and she’s one of them. I’m so honored to have her on my debut album! 😀



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