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An awesome gig

Early friday morning I called for a tow for the car. It just wasn’t possible any other way and as I’ve never driven a car with a tow before, yes, I was super nervous. But my musicians were right there with me. And after driving a while, we even made fun of my angst. I made funny sounds and my company laughed. I do remember a distinct moment, when we went out to drummer Robin’s dad to get cables and lights. Backing up with a tow is hard for even the most experienced driver. So I just stood, a bit on edge, while my musicians pushed the tow into position so I didn’t have to back it out, and I was just like: “I love these guys. They’re doing this to perform my music as bloody well as they can”. And all the tension just went away and after that, I was right there and carrying and pushing with them. The tow grew on me like a good friend, I named him “Släpy” and was even a bit sad about handing him back 😉

The gig in itself? Oh, brilliant. I was asked for encores literally til my voice went, and we are so rehearsed and together that we could pick up all these songs we hadn’t rehearsed for this very gig anyway. The only complaints from the listeners was that I couldn’t drink. Well, booze is important for a musician, the music even more though. I didn’t mind. I drank beer sans alcohol and had the time of my life.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s gigs like these that make me remember why I’m out there playing! 😀


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