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Miley Cyrus, VMA 2013

Everyone’s got an opinion on this. Everyone is making a deal out of it. Certainly doesn’t hurt Miley’s publicity!

All I can say is… er… I don’t get it. Even as a parody of herself, it was weird. It did nothing musically, the dance neither upset me or made me cheer it on. It was just weird. Youtube is buzzing with celebrities reacting, Will Smith’s family looks thouroughly uncomfortable. I’m just wondering… what was it all about? Thinking parody, her tounge was out too much even for that. It wasn’t a clever or entertaining parody. And why is it racist? I don’t think she tried to be black. I see nothing remotely emoting a parody of that either.

She just seemed high, and the dance was really bad. Again, it wasn’t a parody of a bad dance. It was just bad. I know the VMAs have people making parodies or new career moves left and right. But this? Pop a little pill, go out there and sing and dance badly. That’s what it looked like. Again, she had people talking, I guess she wanted that. But I feel in music, there is always a performance involved. Be it making a slapstick sketch, a parody performance or a very serious one. You don’t just go out there, throw your clothes and do something someone could do in the privacy of their own bathroom shower. That’s what bothered me.

The worst comment came from some flat assed TMZ people. That’s right. They complained about her flat ass, and proceeded to illustrate a “good ass”, Lady Gaga’s. I’m sorry, but since when did they have a right to do reviews of bodies like that? Especially women’s bodies seem to be up for critisism without anyone reacting. It’s normal. We get to review women’s bodies as much as we want for some reason. If it’s flat, you’re not allowed to show it, woman! Insane… Her dance, yes, her singing, yes, her weird tounge as part of her performing, yes, her body? … fuck off… And showing a “good example”? Sickening.

I do wonder though why every female child star feel the need to express womanhood through getting rid of her clothes. You don’t see Justin Timberlake doing that (overtly sexual videos though, but funny enough HE’S fully dressed :P) A grown woman likes clothes. 2-year olds don’t. It’s not a hard concept. Sure, I did some growing up from writing catchy pop songs to what I write now, from 14 to 22. But I went from teenage clothes to personal performance clothes. I’m a nudie, at 28 with Animalic, as a political and arty statement, granted. It’s “I’m wearing live fur” and “I’m curvy and muscly and that’s a good body too”. It’s not “hey, accept that I’m a woman now!”(I accepted that long before with taxes and car insurance ;D) and you won’t find me performing on stage with a thong and two guinea pigs. I’ll probably never do a cover like that again, because it’s not new thinking. I don’t get why the undressing seems to be the mandatory way to show adulthood. It seems quite the opposite. So I don’t get it. I guess I’d have to live in their world for a bit to understand that. Because looking in, it just looks like a crazy “drunk or 2 yrs old” phase… Can at least ONE of them try the JT suit and sexy naked boys in their video, if sexuality is the issue? I’d watch that. You go, girl…



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