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Gilmore Girls

It’s one of my old fav series. When it started airing in 2000 I was just glued. Not only because the intake of coffee and chocolate rendered me impressed and bowing to the masters. But all the cool pop culture references, new and old, that didn’t treat the viewer like an idiot? So needed at the time (and due to be again)! The last episodes aired in Sweden in 2007 and I got the box set with the complete series in 2008. Around that time (from about 2005, going into higher education an’ all) I submerged myself in music history. Not only feeling it was my duty as an entertainer and that it would improve my music, but simply because I was interested. So when I watched my lovely box I got myself an awesome surprise that I hadn’t thought of the first time around. I already knew that Carole King had taken a great track from her praised 70’s album Tapestry and re-recorded it with Louise Goffin (the woman doing the “la la” backtrack of many of the episodes), “Where you lead”. But I immediately recognized the woman running the music shop. Carole King herself in an acting part in the series! Soooo EPIC! πŸ˜€ It’s sort of like your a comic book/marvel nerd and Stan Lee (father of Spiderman, The Hulk and X-men) runs a comic book shop in one of your fav series. Totally awesome!

I am almost finished going through the box set for I think the 4th time. And for every marathon, I’ve gained some new knowledge and get more and more of the references. This time around I actually react and google when I’m not sure, but curious of a reference, so the next time I might get all of them! That is my goal, at least. And it may seem trite, but the series is virtually an encyclopedia of pop culture, so if you get them all, you have gained much knowledge πŸ˜‰

The soundtrack album alone (Our Little Corner of The World) contains some great music we should all be interested in. And that’s why I’m a Gilmore Girl, and not ashamed!




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