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Conserts for inspiration

It’s dead important as a performing artist to go see concerts regularly, for inspiration, analyzing and just pure fun and clearing your head.

Of course, concerts cost a lot of the time. It’s well worth investing in your craft and concerts are a good investment, no doubt, but to go regularly if you’re not super rich (creative people usually are though, aren’t they ? ;D) can put a serious dent in your economy. So don’t forget to make some of the free ones. Usually, they’re the ones with the new artists without a breakthrough yet, the city park one’s, the one-day-festivals. The point isn’t always to know the music, in fact, not knowing it beforehand can be even more inspiring! You discover something new and realize someone else is doing the same when it comes to you when you’re out there playing. You just sorta get out there, you know there’s gonna be music either way and if you don’t know the artist beforehand you can also dare to analyze the performance a bit more thorough.

I was at a concert event for Zara Larsson last week (not my type of music, but there was lots of varied music and genres before her), and apart from getting lots of kids hysterically looking at you standing backstage (automatically means you’re a celebrity) I got wind of some new artists I’d love to listen more to. Among them a big suprise. This girl called “Lillemor” (a very old fashioned, cutesy name in Sweden), little blond thing, walked out, talked as cutesy as her name sounded to the audience and I just sighed… til she started performing. The most awesome beatbox I’ve heard for a long time…

I thought I was pretty prejudice less when it comes to music and performance, but Lillemor taught me I have a long way to go 😉 And that’s another reason you need to get out there. To never forget that music can and will always surprise you. Heck, that you can and will surprise people! There are a lot of talented artists out there that just need to push through outward perceptions.


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